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SOME PEOPLE ARE TREE HUGGERS.  I’m a book fondler.  To me, they are living beings, pulsing with vibrancy, coursing with blood, sweat, and toil, the author’s arduous and heartfelt labor of love.  The best writing – books of incalculable and undeniable merit – deserve the adoration of those of us who get to read them.  Great art is appreciated in different ways:  one listens in awe to a Beethoven symphony; one stares in amazement at a Monet oil painting; one walks in wonder around a Rodin sculpture; but one picks up a written work, opens it, turns the pages slowly as one progresses through it.  We are lucky that it is reproducible and openly available.  One needn’t visit a museum or attend the Met.  A book is available to everyone by purchase or in a public library.  Thank you, Johannes Gutenberg.  

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I am a Book Hugger as well!

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There are those who say the printing industry is dying Henry, but as someone who spent many years working with ink and paper, I believe books will survive. Sadly the future of newspapers is very doubtful.

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I have always shared Thomas Jefferson's disdain for newspapers, but books are a significant part of my life.  I don't even bother to subscribe to my local newspaper.


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