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Ostomy Memories of Doughnuts


JUST OUTSIDE WALKING DISTANCE (fortunately) from my house is a wonderful doughnut shop.  They have a doughnut that is by far the best thing that I've ever put into my mouth:  a powdered jelly doughnut with a key lime filling.  I am regularly forced to expend over my limit of temptation resistance, fighting back the urge to hop in my car and drive over to this wholly unhealthy establishment.  To make matters worse, they also sell ice cream, the deviant sadists!  But it's the doughnuts that call to me like scantily clad sirens on the rocks.  “I can resist anything but temptation,” said Oscar Wilde, whose biographical history proved him to be true to his word.  Then there's the well-known story about cops being drawn to doughnuts, as if it's a prime qualification to wear the badge.  I think that, if more cops were attracted to doughnut shops, there would be fewer bad cops.  Doughnuts, after all, can put the damper upon aggression and soothe the savage beast.  In short, doughnuts satisfy, and a satisfied person is an agreeable person.  Maybe if doughnut shops were as omnipresent as those damned Starbucks coffee places, things might settle down around here.  Trumpian belligerence would be less prevalent because people would be able to say, “Please pass me another doughnut.”

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"Let them eat cake...."

Reply to Pirrip

Right... cake doughnuts.  


Oh, yes, doughnuts 🥰. I would add music, dogs and meditation for inner peace and this world just might be a better place. 


There's one place here with great doughnuts, any other place is just tolerable. Personally, I'd rather have a lemon danish or a bear claw. 


Well, those donut scarfing people might be satisfied and agreeable....until the sugar high wears off!

Reply to AlexT

Boston cream donuts for me please!


Cooper is pretty fond of these……


I'm slightly addicted to the glazed sticks at Dunkin' Donuts😋

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