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On one side of my stoma the skin is indented.  This bag usually peals off on that side in 3 days.  I use extra tape to keep it from leaking.  There has got to be a better way.  Any suggestions?

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Do you use a barrier ring? Convex bag? 


Some people use a barrier paste for uneven surfaces... like Amber from Ostomy Diaries. Check her out on YouTube 🙂


I watched a lot of her stuff before getting surgery and once I got my bag. 


Agree, barrier ring and/or convex bag.  I had leakage until I started using them.  Theoretically you do not need to use both.  I have found when I do my skin looks better.  I change my ileostomy barrier on the 5th day and probably could go longer.  I use Hollister products currently. 


use a convex pouch...mine is same dips on the underside.... convex pouch and varrier ring for extra protection then ti ve extra safe I tape around the edges all around with nedical waterproof allow showers in between bag changes 7 days.... a flat flange for you will not work 


I have an indent on one side as well. I usually stick a bit of strip paste in the dent and then put a barrier ring on top, then my base plate( I use a 2 piece system from convatec). It holds up really well for me. Might be something for you to try depending on how big the indentation is. 

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