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Ostomy Memories of a Birth Day


MY WIFE GOT PREGNANT and I wanted a daughter, not a son.  If you asked me why, I wouldn’t be sure how to explain it.  We had our house up for sale and were leaving to go to the hospital to have the baby when a prospective buyer pulled up.  I sat my wife in the car and gave the people a tour, then we went on.  While I was pacing the floor in the maternity wing and my wife was in the delivery room, the people made an acceptable offer on the house.  I sent a nurse in to tell my wife.  After a while, her doctor came out.  “They’re OK,” he said, rushing past me.  “Is it a boy or a girl?” I asked.  “They’ll tell you,” he called back, then he pushed through some doors and was gone.  “Sonofabitch,” I think I muttered.  Finally, a nurse called me back into a long corridor.  “Wait here,” she instructed me.  Then they wheeled my wife out on a gurney.  She was cradling our new daughter, whose inquisitive eyes were wide open as she kept looking around, taking in her new world.  She was alert and beautiful and healthy and she still is today, 47 years later.  But I remember her birth day like it was yesterday.

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OMG !!!

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LOL   For dramatic effect, I left out the part about the birth being induced.  I'm not that crazy...  

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That’s funny!!

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Hi all when my oldest daughter was about to be born it was new years eve and she was about a week late and i was half in the bag being new years eve we went to the hosp, just before midnite after the water broke and about 4:30 another woman came in about to deliver so it was who has the new year baby, well it wasnt us but the thing was the delivery room was used so we had to use the labor room, i helped turn the bed and set up better lighting and watched our daughter being born, talk about sobering up quick and the doc said she needed another glass of wine. 


Child birth is about the grossest thing ever. 😬 When my daughter was born, the nurses had to get me a chair, a 7up, and actually paid more attention to me. 😁🤭 

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LMAO   I had a similar experience the day my young daughter fell off her bike and busted her chin open.  In the ER, I was so upset by them having to sew her up that they had to put me on a gurney next to her.  She took it fine.  As for childbirth, I wasn't going anywhere near the delivery room.

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They actually asked me if I wanted a mirror to be able to see things better. My second son was born butt first so I guess they thought it would be fascinating for me to watch, as if I had nothing better to do. I looked at them like they were crazy. They took mirror away.🫣

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Childbirth is not gross; it's miraculous and beautiful in its own way. And it's why men are the weaker sex and don't have babies. 

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Thanks - love a good sense of humor.

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Thanks - Girls just wanna laugh 😆 

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Yes, it ranks right up there with any kind of ostomy surgeries only the aftermath is much more enjoyable.

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