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You ever wonder….


You ever think about what when on while you were under? 🤔 we could all be a little different and never know it. 😁

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Yes, maybe the infamous "they" planted a tracking device inside your belly during your surgery and "they" are keeping tabs on you even now.

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Oh, that’s a given with any vaccine. 👀😁


Hello Alex. 
Your cartoon seems quite pertinent to my experience where I had a situation when I suddenly could not urinate after an operation. The next time I saw the surgeon,  I joked about maybe he tied a knot in it.
Interestingly, after the next surgery, that particular problem miraculously resolved itself!

Best wishes


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They are known to tie good knots….





My sense of humor. 😂

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OMG! I loved the Jr Mint episode on Seinfeld--lol!



I would so watch my video of getting my ileo and what it looked like In there...


I went straight into an induced coma straight after my TPE that started on 13 May 2019 at 7am until 10pm then next day whilst still comatose I had a another 10 hour op with plastic surgery team then woke up 21 days later!

I dreamt a dream that streamed for the whole 21 days & nights & was so surreal I could smell,taste,feel,hear,see,talk & a rollercoaster of emotions, it was like looking through a portal of hell on earth!

I can remember every thing & detail like it was yesterday or an old film you’ve seen 10 times??? I’m just so glad when I finally awoke to my Mum sitting at my bedside for 21 days while I was sleeping who was also played a big part in this apocalyptic nightmare & my partner of 25 years who passed away to pancreatic cancer only a few weeks after I came home in July 10 & spent just two weeks togeather then she passed in a hospice!

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You are very strong to have gotten through so much.

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🫣 you’re more manly than me. 😬🤫

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What do you think a colonoscopy is ... Everyone gets one sooner or later ..

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Oh those sneaky bastards. 😁 stick one in ya while your pants are down(so to speak).  😬😮


And they will charge you for it! LOL {Rolling eyes emoji}{Laughing emoji}

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Lol you couldn't do it ?? 


Has anybody here been diagnosed with UC and Crohn’s?

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I might be able to watch another person’s surgery but I’m not real keen on watching myself get sliced/diced. 


HAPPY BIRTHDAY my friend hope it was filled with tons of love and laughter


I’ve worked in the OR and believe me…. You would be shocked at the conversations that happen. 

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I mean on the inside of your body.. I have a weird rare condition that's not very well known ..and took them 20 years to figure out and just had a third stoma surgery so heck yeah I am curious as to what all went on and goes on in there lol I find it interesting... 

Do you ever watch your stoma move ?

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My brother did too as a surgical tech and he said the same thing .. he told me some of the stuff some doctors say .. were you a nurse in the OR?

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Yeah, I see it move all the time. 

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Alex T,

Don't you find it fascinating?

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Nope, not at all. 🤷‍♂️

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I've often thought about what happens right after I'm put out...I'm sure my gown is ripped off and I'm lying there in all my glory, while being rearranged and prepped before being draped. It's a bit daunting, lol

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