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Bad gas pains... blockage?


I woke up with excruciating gas pains.  I'm assuming a blockage.  Anything I can do to easy the pain and get things moving besides lots of water and gas-x?  Thanks in advance.

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I posted a response but don't see it. Anyway, in addition to what Alex suggested, there are some moves you can do. Get on all fours and move your butt from side to side, tuck it under and then lift it high. Take deep breaths during all of this; Sit and pull one knee in at a time, turning your torso to the left and to the right (careful if you have any spinal considerations.); Apply heat; gently massage the area around your stoma; breathe in deeply through your nose while pushing your belly out as far as it will go and then exhale through your mouth deeply while pulling your belly in as far as it will go. If you become super extended in your belly and the pain is still there, you might want to have it checked out but I hope it works itself out on its own. Hang in there!

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I think you should make a video of all those moves. 🤭😁 


When I have stomach pains I lay on my left side. My mother who is a retired nurse told me that once and from then on it has helped.  Good luck!! 


All good advice, and I hope it worked out for you.  I'm probably late in posting this response, but something to try if this happens again.  If all else fails, I will drink a bottle of real Coke, not sugar free, just a small bottle, but drink it right down.  I don't even like Coke, but keep it on hand just for this purpose.  


p.s.  How did things go?

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I get relief if I lie down and don't move around much.  Very little output today.  Took miralax, biocleanse and magnesium and tons of water.  Doing to movements suggest.  Will try lying on my side.  Just hoping things get moving so I can.  Thanks everyone!

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A bit nervous about the Coke.  Will it increase the gas pains?  Thanks

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I'm going to remember this!

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There's one in every crowd, Alex!😉

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That does work for some reason. 


Hot green tea (decaf) is my go-to when I suspect a sure to drink electrolytes so all the water doesn't lower your sodium...I ended up in the hospital for a week two months after ileostomy because I drank too much water trying to flush out and upset sodium and potassium balance. I get pains when I forget to eat yogurt or take probiotics....if nothing is giving you relief, please call your doctor and get checked! Keeping you in my prayers!  Celia1552


Teebull, how are you feeling today?

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Hi Teebull if you dont wanna try coke how about fruit juice, i prefer cherry or cranberry, plus the laying down and massaging around the stoma and rolling to left side.  good luck

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It hasn't done for me.  It may cause gas, but it comes right out, along with anything else that might be stuck.

Yes, how are you today?



After taking all of our suggestions, you’re gonna have a stoma that rivals Old Faithful when it opens up. 😂 

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I can hear someone shouting "IN COMING" 

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Thanks so much!  I'll remember the electrolytes and try tea if happens again.   Woke up much better today.  Still painful to cough but overall better.  Appreciate all of your help. 

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Much better today thanks so much.  The movement and everyone else advice helped a lot.  Appreciate all of you!

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I did drink so pear juice and it helped with the gas.  Thanks so much!

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Glad to hear!

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You gave me this advice and it worked! It took almost 3 days but it worked. I now keep a few bottles on hand just in case. 

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So glad to hear it!


I don’t know if this will work for everyone but I started eating whole grain cereals and drinking a premier protein drink every day. It’s loosened my stools and zero blockages. 
G Franklin 

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Thank you!  I will have to start drinking my protein shakes again.  I was afraid to start w the whole grain cereal again but ill have to start eating that again also.


I have had many blockages including some that required hospitalization and the dreaded NG tube.  When I feel it happening I take a warm bath and use a heating pad while massaging my stomach.  I have also tried some of the exercises as prescribed.  I was told in the ER that you have 12 hours to try and work it out yourself and then you need to get to the emergency room.

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Hi Cee,  The twelve hour thing is interesting.  I've been hospitalized a few times for obstructions, most when I had a colostomy, but only once since my ileostomy.  I've learned  what to do to avoid it happening now, and it's been well over a year since I've had any trouble.  Mostly for me, it's keeping hydrated and chewing my food really well, but I do eat anything and everything.  I know the signs and what to do if I start to have problems.  I've basically decided that most of the time, they don't really do anything for you at the hospital anyway, just wait for it to clear itself.  I can do that at home!  I do think at some point, you would have to decide when it's time to go though.  If the doctor told you you had twelve hours, I'm thinking that would be a lot less time for someone with an ileostomy.


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