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Ostomy Memories Playing Possum


A POSSUM AND AN OPOSSUM are not two different animals.  The former is a colloquialism for the latter.  The word itself stems from the Powhatan language.  They are timid, non-aggressive marsupials that I often see in the early mornings when I’m out walking.  I also see what’s left of them in roadkill.  [Why did the chicken cross the road?  To show the possum that it’s possible.]  To ‘play possum’ is a term that comes from what the possum does when threatened.  It is said that the creature pretends to be dead.  But actually, what they do is more like fainting.  It is not a conscious act, so it is actually inaccurate to say a person pretending to be asleep or feigning ignorance is ‘playing possum.’  In the American south (where else!) there used to be a meal called possum and ‘taters (sweet potatoes).  Personally, I don’t even want to think about it.  The vegetable was probably collard greens, with corn bread on the side.  I’ll stick with grits, thank you.    

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Quite the handsome critter. 


Years ago someone from 'down south' gave my dad a can of potted possum. He thought it was a joke... never opened sat on his 'collection' shelf collecting dust. Maybe it was real? 🤔😅

Reply to SallyK

Tastes like chicken. 

Reply to AlexT

LOL Poor dad, he missed out. 


I found one of those critters in my front yard one night a few years ago.  Didn't even know they lived in these parts!  I think he was just as surprised at seeing me, as I was of seeing him.  He didn't fall down and play dead, but he did freeze, and just stood there staring at me.  I finally just went inside.  Maybe he still lives in my yard, but I wonder how he gets along with the raccoons?

I'll take the collard greens and corn bread, yum, but a hard pass on the possum.


Reply to SallyK

My mum used to buy weird and wonderful things she would come across in the gourmet section of the grocery store, just for fun and curiosity.  She came home with canned rattlesnake, and alligator.  I remember the rattlesnake was awful, full of tiny bones, but the alligator tasted like chicken!


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Your mum sounds wonderful. 🌻 I guess most things taste like chicken. 😂

Reply to SallyK

Yep, pretty much. 


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