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Golf.. when can I start swinging clubs


I'm almost 7 weeks out from surgery. I go now with my boys, but I just putt and chip from close to the green. Nurse said probably 3 to 4 months to swing. Any golfers out there? How long did you wait?

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Not sure there’s a right/wrong answer to that as everyone will heal at their own pace. I wouldn’t want to go thru a full swing and tear something internally, then you’ll really be “out” for awhile. 


Hi kill,

  That golf swing of yours really puts some stress on those abdominal muscles.......the same ones that were just split and stitched back together.  I'd plan on working out your abdomen, slowly advancing in the range of the exercises and build up your muscles' strength and flexibility, rather than waiting for a time doing relatively nothing and then shocking the shit out of them.  Besides the muscles themselves there's also 3 layers of fascia to consider that cover the abdominal muscles.  Each layer has a different amount of flexibility, and once cut and sewn back together develop scar tissue.........that's NOT very flexible.  Tears in the fascia are usually the beginnings of an unstoppable hernia.  So building up the flexibility of the muscles and adjoining fascia is really important before going ape shit with the clubs.  Just take it slow and steadily increase your range of motion, etc, building up to the range of your full swing.  That might sound like overkill, but you only have to tear that fascia once and you've got trouble.  As for the actual time if you just chose to wait and do noting in the interim..........I don't know.  I'm curious to hear what the other golfers on here have to say.  I've always heard 6 months to get back to 'normal'.......but everyone's 'normal' is different.  


Reply to w30bob

I have been doing quite a bit the 6 weeks since surgery. Walking, stair climbing,  and ab work. I started cycling today. But, a hernia is my biggest fear with this new urostomy.  I have been going to the golf courses with my sons, but I just putt and chip from close to the green. I'll continue my exercise regimen and look at starting an easy full swing of the clubs sometime in April or May, depending on how I feel. 

I was hoping a golfer would chime and say when they started and how they did.


My surgeon gave me these guidelines to start about 3 months after RC (after 3 month follow/scan):

wedges only for 2 weeks 

high irons next 2 weeks

mid irons next 2 weeks

low irons/hybrids next 2 weeks

driver/fairway woods next 2 weeks

i went to driving range 2-3 times/week - once I started playing I started with 9 holes for couple of rounds and added few more holes every couple of rounds. 
Doc emphasized being very mindful of any sharp pains or discomfort more than general soreness - obviously stop immediately in that case. I did use a stealth belt first few rounds til I got comfortable with how I would handle it. That would b good for racquet ball as they have a hard insert to protect the stoma. I was almost 70 when I had surgery after about 3 1/2 years of treatments for 2 cancers. Just to give u a frame of reference. My surgery was in April 2021 and I’m playing regularly and also do yoga, walking and the gym. 
good luck n keep it in the short stuff!

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