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I’m thankful for my ostomy because now I can…


Drink coffee and drive at the same time! 😂 I never thought I'd be able to do that again. Have a blessed Sunday friends! 

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I was thankful I could leave my GPS coordinates of every bathroom within a 50 mile radius at home. 🧻🧻🧻 Plus, I don't need new underwear constantly now. 😬🤭


Surgery gave me my life back.  As I was treated with biologics I got sicker. 


I am thankful for my ostomy for it saved my life. ❤️ (I can't think of anything I can do now that I couldn't before except chat with you wonderful people. 🥰)


I don't have to get up 3 times a night to pee..


I am thankful, mostly because mine saved my life, but it also because it allowed me to live a life free of constant discomfort and pain.  All the other little bonuses, like multi-tasking, and not having to constantly be in the vicinity of a bathroom, are just icing on the cake.



I am thankful that I no longer have to know where the nearest bathroom is wherever I am. 


Mine saved my life. It gets hard sometimes but I am learning to live with it. ❤️


Yeah, I hear y' saved my life too, I guess..........but I wouldn't go as far as to say I'm 'thankful' for it.  I would be more thankful if I had better doctors early on, and big pharma got off it's ass and actually made some meds that cured this shit, as opposed to making meds that just treat diseases (that you have to take forever instead of a cure you take once and are done with it).  Not much profit in the latter though.  Greedy bastards that they are.  

But yeah, it's better than knowing where all the bathrooms are everywhere you go, as was said above..........or having to sit things out because there wasn't a bathroom near that event!   And think of all the toilet paper I've saved!!


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Me too from the start of the Biologics it went down hill from there. 


Hi all mine saved my life, but i can walk and chew gum and poop all at the same time so there,s that to be thankful for. 

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Holy cannoli ! ! !

I thought I was the only one who had a GPS for this sole reason (prior to my initial surgery).



I love my bag. 

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Which biologics made you sick?  I am supposed to start Gattex soon and I'm really nervous about the many side effects that are listed.  The doctor insists I try it and see how it goes because I'm high output and need more absorption.  Ugh


I thank my ostomy for the opportunity to wake up every morning and do about 90% of the things I used to do and a few things that couldn't do before like poop while I'm cooking. :0 :) ;) 


I'm thankful that my surgery  probably saved my life, 49 years ago.  But, what I'm really thankful for is the fact that I don't have to have 2 sets of clothes, 1 for the skinny me when I was in remission, and one for the fat me when I was on medication.  That was very difficult for a teenager.

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Omg lol i can't even with you lol 😂

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