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Never look at them the same way again!


Out driving today in Upstate New York where they're tapping trees for maple syrup. They collect the syrup in clear plastic bags hanging off the tree with the liquid at the bottom of the bag. In my mind's eye all I can see is that they all have ileostomy bags hanging from them. Can't undo seeing them and I'll never look at them in the same way again! Gotta laugh!

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I think that would be so neat to see trees all tapped for making syrup...down here we just decorate our palm trees of Christmas post....I'll never look at another one the same way again...Thank you AlexT!  


I have relatives in Connecticut that do the maple syrup thing. It sells for a lot. 😮


Just be glad it's not 50 years ago, when they used stainless steel buckets instead of bags.  I can just imaging what ostomates did back then with a big old steel bucket snapped to their belt!



I felt the same way when my sister brought a clear plastic bag containing guacamole to a holiday gathering!

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