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QUESTIONS ALWAYS SEEM TO OUTNUMBER ANSWERS.  Perhaps that is because there is more to know than can be known.  As I’ve heard contemporary news commentators say a number of times, “we don’t know what we don’t know.”  After a while, I begin to wonder if I even want to know.  Too much exposure to anything can produce unpleasant reactions.  “The more I see,” said John Lennon, “the less I know for sure.”  Questions always seem to outnumber answers.  And what if there’s no right answer?  Or several equally effective answers?  Decision makers face these quandaries all the time and utilize different methodologies to make their calls.  Once there was a judge who kept a felt pad on the bench to muffle the sound of the coin he would occasionally flip.  But there are always differing viewpoints, based upon different priorities, that produce inevitable criticisms.  As Disraeli recognized, it’s easier to be critical than to be correct.  And then, inevitably, what’s correct today may not be correct next month.  Start over.  Re-weigh all those ever-changing circumstances.  Review all those applicable criteria.  Wrestle it in the mud pit of messy reality.  Questions always seem to outnumber answers.

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Did that judge you mention toss a coin to decide whether the persons appearing before him were guilty or not? A wise judge. There are many sides to some cases. On a driven partridge shoot once, the Game Warden appeared and wanted to inspect our shooting licences. The host a feudal landlord on whose lands we were shooting had him and his assistants "arrested" by his men and placed in a wagon! He appealed to his bosses but just a simple apology did the trick.

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Hi all i think a committee needs to be formed before any questions are asked, you know just to get a consensus.

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