Using Elijah's Ostomy Awareness Video


I always have a hard time finding the right words to explain what my ostomy is to someone. So recently I told someone about my ostomy and used this video of this cute little guy to do it.

Elijah Explains His New Ostomy


Cool little kid. I go into a very detailed description when I explain my ostomy to someone. It goes like this... I poop in a bag. &zwj

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This little guy is just so inspiring! He faces so many challenges as he grows up, and I hope he is able to handle them with the same acceptance and positive attitude that he has now. I wish there was more of this kind of thing out there to increase awareness in the general public. Thanks for posting, Sally!



This is precious and perfect. "I had surgery and I don't know what happened 'cause I was asleep and woke up with this bag." Boy, can we all relate to that. And my favorite part of my bag is also the velcro!

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Lol AlexT, that's the only way someone gets what you're saying. I have tried to explain it, gone through the steps of explaining, they don't get it. I say I got to the bathroom in a bag and they still don't get it, and then I finally say.. Dude, I literally SHIT in a bag.. then they get it.

Stories of Living Life to the Fullest from Ostomy Advocates I Hollister

I volunteer for a 'visitor' program here with my local ostomy group. We 'seasoned' ostomates visit with 'new' ostomates to help them out... mainly with things like acceptance and day-to-day living. So I am always looking for more gentle ways of approaching things.

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I told the hospital here that's what they ostomate group to help those about to become one.


Is it even possible to not love the heck out of that kid?

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What an absolute sweetheart, I love at the end when he says "I'm done"! Too cute for words!

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