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A Suzanne Vega Experience


Hi All - Greetings from London!

Just got back home (11pm), from a live Suzanne Vega concert here in London, where she has a big following. I thought it was an uplifting event, in a nostalgic kind of way, she said she has only written one new song since the pandemic hit. I felt it was a vibrant concert musically, complimented by some humorous story telling. For me, the richly colourful and creative atmosphere, gave a lovely warm glow to a cold night by the river Thames, here in London.


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Sounds like a wonderful night, love her voice!


Sounds like Fun! 🎉


Hi. What was the name of the song? I had tickets to see her in Basingstoke, but unfortunately wasn’t well enough to go. Have seen her a couple of times. 

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Her well known songs are 'Luca' 'Tom's Diner' 'Marlene on the Wall' and 'In Liverpool'.

Sorry to hear you were unwell and missed the concert, I hope you're feeling better, and will be able to enjoy some live music again soon.



Suzanne Vega has an awesome voice!  I wish I could see her live here in Texas!

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Hi Tom

She did some awesome singing on the night.

She's doing some concerts in the US mid April, but I can't see one listed for Texas.


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