Curious about Bed Rest Woes - Questions and Thoughts

Well, I have been put on strict bed rest while I deal with this wonderful flare, it's a mean one. I have thinking time. So here are my thoughts and questions...

1. Why is it more comfortable to lay on your left side? Is it due to the flow direction of foods and liquids?

2. How is it we can produce so much output when you are hardly eating anything? I have had to empty 4 times today already and I've only had a muffin and a tea.

3. Where the hell does all this gas come from? Seems every 5 minutes I have to "burp" my bag.

4. Why is my back so freaking sore? And why does it seem like the pain pills are doing NOTHING?

5. Why is it I get entire body aches from the steroids? If I'm even 5 minutes late taking my daily dose my body reminds me with every inch of my body aching like I ran a marathon achy yucky. Talk about addiction or withdrawals NASTY!

6. Why are there never any GOOD shows on when you're stuck at home in bed?

Entertain me people......

I'm sure I will have more wondering questions as I think and think some more. Good thing I have my blanket to crochet or my head would explode thinking.


7. What is with these cravings? Yes, I blame the steroids since my appetite is slowly coming back, but man, I crave the strangest things. It's like I'm pregnant all over again (which I'm NOT!). I send my kids to the store at least twice a day to get me things I would never touch to my lips..??

Hey Budd sorry to hear you're down in the dumps and I know what that means, sorry I don't even have a good joke to try to cheer you up. This damn merry-go-round we get on when something goes wrong, not feeling well, well here's a precsription for some more medication, don't worry about little things like side effects the doctors know all about them, but it would be nice if one was told in advance what to expect. Keep your chin up except when changing appliances, get well soon, Ed
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Why is it more comfortable to lay on your left side? Is it due to the flow direction of food and liquids?

I believe that's correct. I remember my surgeon telling me that laying on your left side is better for digestion.

Cheers, Bob


It hurts like hell when I lay on my left side! I prefer my right.

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Hi buddy, I know it hurts when you eat, but an empty stomach produces gas. So maybe nibble on some Ritz crackers, then you won't have to deal with the Hindenburg attached to you. Take care, Ron in Mich.


Sorry to hear about the troubles... for what it's worth, tea seems to increase output exponentially. In fact, if you think you may be becoming blocked, tea can often flush you out. Some juices have the same effect. (Tried some healthy blueberry juice and nearly drowned in output!)

Again, an empty stomach can cause issues... maybe rice crackers? They have the added advantage of "gelling" the output...

I'm also a firm believer that we should pay some attention to our cravings... perhaps your body is telling you you're short on something. I know I am getting light on electrolytes when pickles are irresistible... Can't explain the Haggis, though...

Positive thoughts are going your way.


1) To add to this, when I was first diagnosed with Crohn's, I read about laying on the left because the ileum is on the right. And if inflamed, laying on the left prevents the weight of your body from increasing any discomfort.

2) This is a good question.
3) As previously discussed, when empty, gas just is.

4) I have been wondering about my own lower back pain ever since my surgery. It feels like I've been lifting.

5) The steroid is replacing a body function. I have noticed that when stepping down to wean off of the steroid, the step down day was always the crappier feeling day.

6) Clearly your cable/satellite provider is inferior.

7) Can you provide examples?
Hey bud! You crochet ... have you been to the Ravelry website for knitters/crocheters?

If you are like me, you will be able to spend hours there!

All the best,

Example: I order Veal Parmesan and only eat the hunk of meat. Make just a juicy medium rare steak for dinner, nothing else. Eat ONLY oranges for 2 days. Cheetos Crunchits...can't stop munching on those, maybe it's the salt on them? Have a bag beside the couch and one beside my bed.

Bea, thanks for that link. I have already joined and plan to check it out and perhaps start a few more projects.

Rocking back and forth in pain as I type this. The rocking seems to settle things a bit but not a fix. I'm going to go lay in bed and take some relaxers.

Thanks for the suggestions and smiles, guys. You are the best bunch!


Hey Budd - do you not think a trip to the ER may be on the cards by now????

Help should currently be waiting for a flight at Heathrow! XXXXX


Steroids, did you put yourself on that crap? I hate it with a passion, grrr. I used to be in agony, didn't know I was coming off steroids long, long time ago. I took them for 3 days, then none, then 2 days really bad. I never knew it was dangerous. Get on your morphine, then I would go for it. Too much pain now and you can think you're watching a great movie. Hahah, every day I eat, and if I don't eat, that watery shite happens to me too. I haven't had much past 3 days. I hear you're hungry, can't be bothered. Hey, does OxyContin go right through your stoma? Mine does. Half an hour, there it is. So, I got liquid. Not a good idea if you're me. Go morphing, lolol. You can't put up with that much longer. I would be spinning out.


I don't know your full story.....but from memory and from stories my kids tell me, they are always hungry when on steroids. There are also emotional side effects (irritability and "rage"). Neither of my grown sons has had surgery, but one has Crohn's and the other from me and their father. Both of us had an ileostomy.
- I always sleep on my back due to sciatica, but when I have a blockage, I curl up on my right side, where the ostomy is. In fact, I can actually feel a bump on my belly, as waste makes its way through. It's quite weird, but I guess it's the way the bowel is looped.

- When I'm not well, I always get cravings....Pamper yourself and enjoy. It's better than not having an appetite.

- Re output, Remember, we don't absorb as much fluid when missing the large intestine, and so everything is watered down, and it seems like a lot of output, even when we're not eating much food. When I'm dieting, but not eating much fiber, my meal is in and out in 2-4 hours. But sometimes, when I'm blocked up a bit.... whatever I eat, then pushes out the old stuff, so it seems like double the output.

Re: Excess gas. It can be caused by the food you're eating.....or not eating. An empty stomach can produce gas. I've also found that I gulp or swallow air, especially at night. Years ago, I used to wake up with severe stomach pains, so a doctor prescribed an anti-anxiety medication, and that has really helped. Currently, I have sleep apnea, and when the machine pressure was too high for me, I found myself waking up every hour to "burp" the bag. Again, I was swallowing too much air. Once we reduced the pressure of the machine, I had less gas.
Good luck to you, and hope you feel better soon. Life with this disease condition is a roller coaster ride.....Just try to go with the "flow." Pun intended.
Lots of good tips here. I find tea is really good for two reasons.
1. It does help to get things moving.
2. It just seems so civilized and relaxing.

I also have a shake in the morning and for lunch. I too had the crazy cravings and believe my body was telling me something, so I generally gave in to them. However, I became overweight and the food choices dragged me down. Now that my body is getting really good nutrients that it can absorb, even without a colon, I feel so much better and am losing weight. I can exercise now and that really helps.
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