Seeking Advice: Terrible Taste, Nausea, and Fatigue - Gastric Reflux?

Since just after Christmas, I have been suffering from a terrible taste in my mouth (akin to chewing a used cigarette end, if you sort of know what I mean?), along with constant nausea but no vomiting. It is believed to be gastric reflux. I have been given loads of meds to try, but all to no avail. The last couple of weeks, I have also had such dreadful fatigue. I have been sleeping some days up to 18 hours, which is absolutely ridiculous, but I just cannot stay awake long enough some days to do the basics, like get dressed and eat properly...

Been to London today to see my new surgeon. I was, of course, expecting to see some Junior House Officer who knows nothing, but actually managed to see the lady herself (and she was just as nice as she was when I was paying!)....

Whilst sitting in her room, I had one of my 'turns' which was handy - uncontrollable sweating and turning bright red. She wants me ready and as fit as possible for the big surgery, so I had stacks of blood taken, including some unusual ones (as all my tests always come back normal....) in the hope of sorting me out with whatever it is that is causing me all these silly symptoms!

I will be having several MRI/imaging studies next, followed by an EUA (exam under anaesthetic) with 2 different surgeons from different specialties. This encompasses some really lovely tests which really do need to be done while asleep! Something to look forward to... Lord knows what position I will be in on that table... doesn't bear thinking about really, but I bet I haven't been twisted about like that since I was a toddler; no wonder my back bloody hurts!)

Once all that is done, I will then be going back to discuss what their thoughts are regarding the major stuff which looks as though will be done much later on this year, depending of course on what they find...

I am now completely done in, totally exhausted... so I expect tomorrow will be a painful sleepy day.

Will keep you posted.

I've had a bad few months too. At first, I was exhausted but couldn't sleep, and when I did, I kept waking up. Then they changed my medication, and my body felt fine, but I couldn't stay awake. Then they discovered I had a B12 deficiency. I feel a lot better now, but two weeks before the exams is too little, too late. I also get funny tastes in my mouth ranging from a coppery taste to a bleach-like taste. Sometimes I get the taste of strawberry-flavored vomit when I haven't eaten any strawberry stuff or been sick. Anyway, I hope you start feeling better soon.

Thanks John, it stinks doesn't it! So fed up of feeling like this, seems never ending. Hope your exams go okay, you never know, you may have taken in more than you think .... good luck! x

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Hi lottagelady...I hope they get some answers and treatment for you. Sorry for the pain.
You made me laugh though. Because I have a friend that grew up in India, I know a "fag" as you mean is a cigarette butt. I had to laugh when I wondered how many Americans on this website don't know what a European "fag" is. Over here "fag" only means homosexual. Well, that's your post has asterisks *** instead. Well, whatever.

Hugs to you

Thanks Banshie .... Oops, I have edited it! Rach xx

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Sounds like some sort of steroid messing with your adrenal glands, making you sweat and giving you that funky taste.

Hi H2O... thanks for that, I will have a 'google' now ... whatever it is, with the fatigue, it is really quite debilitating. She has written to my GP asking him to try to sort me out as "...she was really quite unwell"! Take care and welcome to the site - I am assuming that you are new here? Rachel xx

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