This curse of mine - Is verse in rhyme.

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I want somewhere for my many whatsits.

Thingamajigs and whatjamacallits.

Stuff accumulates, it never decreases.

Useless and useful bits and pieces.

You know how it is with so much stuff.

Seeking space but there’s never enough.

It was my intent to make a place for it.

I always meant to get a round toowit.

All my gizmos and thingamabobs.

Meant to be’s and half done jobs.

With every invention I’d want to do it.

I’d every intention to get a round toowit.

Most of my mates would now agree

Time is running out for me.

And now I’m getting on a bit.

I’d better get a round toowit.

B. Withers (2009)


I also find myself often needing to get around to it. If you locate a place where these are abundant, please share. There are so many endeavors of my own that would certainly be complete if I could just get around to it. Good post.


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