doing diddly doo



Did it, did it, did diddly doo.<br />
I know that diddly doo is true.<br />
At diddly doing I&rsquo;m a star.<br />
I&rsquo;ve done diddly doo all day so far.<br><br>

I did, I did, do diddly doo.<br />
For diddly doo is what I do.<br />
Playing diddly doo on my guitar.<br />
I sing diddly doo and oompah pah.<br><br>

I did, I did, do diddly doo.<br />
&lsquo;Cos diddly doo&rsquo;s important too.<br />
Diddly doo is my coup d&#39;&eacute;tat.<br />
There&rsquo;ll be diddly doo in my memoir.<br />

I did diddly doo for you today.<br />
But diddly doo was done my way.<br />
Worsels did diddly doo did they.<br />
With diddly doo aah, oo aah &ndash; aye.<br><br>

But diddly doo is daft some say.<br />
Why rhyme, to diddly doo convey.<br />
But take my diddly doo away.<br />
I&rsquo;m diddly doo use at all that way.<br><br>

Those who govern do diddly doo.<br />
Doing diddly doo for me and you.<br />
If diddly doo&rsquo;s their official line.<br />
They&rsquo;ll do diddly doo to the end of time.<br />
<br />
I do diddly do, as I can see.<br />
People do diddly doo for me.<br />
I do diddly doo, then do it more.<br />
&lsquo;Cos diddly doo&rsquo;s worth living for.<br><br>

I&rsquo;ve diddly doo to do today.<br />
I do diddly doo most everyday.<br />
Now diddly doo is done, &ndash; OK.<br />
There&rsquo;s diddly doo that&rsquo;s left to say.<br><br>

Almost everyone I ever knew.<br />
Used up their lives with diddly doo.<br />
Those who protested that they did not.<br />
Spent their time doing diddly squat.<br><br>

B. Withers. (2009)<br><br>

For those of you in the USA<br />
Who can&rsquo;t understand the words I say.<br />
I&rsquo;ll try to tell you if I may.<br />
Diddly doo means sweet &lsquo;F.A.&rsquo;<br><br>

This reminds me of a friend who does the "Scooby Doo Dodo Scob Be Do Be Do Sco Scooby" to almost everything if he's in the mood. After a day of fishing, I find myself Scooby Doo'n too. So wishing you a Scooby Diddly Doo Day.

Thanks nogutz - Good to know someboby else has occasional spasms of diddly doo and scooby doo.<br />Best wishes<br /> Bill
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Oh, I just have spasms. Hahahah, jump those sillies out. xxxxxxxxx

Oh, I didn't get it. If it means you're getting those sillies, well, I do. If not, Scooby Dooby Doo.

Love ya Moozzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.....Miss ya buddy. Hope all is well with you. Still in "DollyWood" here, LOL ...
Oh and, "Scooby Dooby Doooooooooooo" to you too!! :)

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