Energy plus attitude equals performance



This formula was plagiarised.

With no remorse at all.

Its essence simply schematised.

The balance and the fall.

It’s found within the pilot’s book.

On page seventy seven.

And if you take a closer look

At the end of ninety seven.

Attitude’s the flight angle.

And if you get it wrong.

You’ll end up in a right tangle.

And won’t be flying long.

It’s attitude plus energy.

That helps you fly so high.

These things must work in synergy.

Or else you will not fly.

This conceptual simile.

I use to illustrate.

How attitudes can readily.

Turn love around to hate.

It also shows how attitude

And energy combine.

To help achieve an altitude.

And stop a steep decline.

I cannot emphasise enough.

This message loud and clear.

When the going does get tough.

Keep this concept near.

B. Withers 2011

Past Member

Another excellent contribution by our resident poet laureate, well done Bill!

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