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Tagedy Inversed



Inside out or upside down.
That’s what inverse can be.
It maybe simply turns around.
A personal tragedy.

Each and every tragedy.
Can sicken and appal.
But poetry as remedy.
Can oft’ prevent a fall.

Inverse is the opposite
It is the contrary.
I think this word most apposite.
For tragic poetry.

It may be hard to find the words.
And harder to converse.
But poetry is undeterred.
It’s simply put in-verse.

Overwhelmed or racked with pain.
By grief at what you’ve lost.
Inversing turns it round again.
At very little cost.

If you’ve a tragic story.
And want it to be told.
A rhyme in all its glory.
Will help your tale unfold.

These tales are told so many times.
But fall on deafened ear.
Yet if they’re placed in verse and Rhymes.
So many more will hear.

In me your tragedies confide.
Communicate out loud.
Emotions will no longer hide.
Behind depressive shroud.

So tell your tragic tales to me.
No matter how perverse.
I’ll listen hard so you may see.
Your tragedy in-verse.

B. Withers 2011

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This one was stimulated by Lalu - so I wish to acknowledge and thank her for her posts.Best wishesBill
Beautifully emoted, Bill. Really enjoyed this poem :)
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