A tragic tale with a sting


This week I met a veryelderly lady who tragically lost her husbandafter he was stung by wasps whilst tending his allotment. There was obviously nothing I could do about this situation except to listen empathetically to her story. ( And writein- verse the tale as told, along with her sentiments about killing every wasp she now sees) I have framed two poems for her to keep as reminders that there are still people who are moved by her story (- no matter how many times she repeats it. )<br><br>

I DO IT FOR DOT.<br><br>

My Mate once found a wasps nest.<br />
But got it sadly wrong.<br />
It was the wasps that came off best.<br />
And now he is dead and gone.<br><br>

So when I find those wasps nests.<br />
Death becomes their fate.<br />
For I destroy those little pests.<br />
Whilst thinking of my mate.<br><br>

This goes against the grain with me.<br />
As killing seems so wrong.<br />
I would not kill a bumble bee.<br />
But wasps will not live long.<br><br>

An allotment is a peaceful place.<br />
For life and so much more.<br />
With wasps and people face to face.<br />
It becomes more like a war.<br><br>

When I destroy a wasps nest.<br />
I&rsquo;ll find their weakest spot.<br />
I view this killing as a quest.<br />
From my mate&rsquo;s wife called Dot.<br><br>

I hope you won&rsquo;t think ill of me.<br />
All killing has a cost.<br />
I will still kill wasps in memory.<br />
Of the man poor Dot has lost.<br />
B. Withers 2011<br><br>


ONCE UPON A WASP&rsquo;S NEST.<br><br>

Once upon a wasp&rsquo;s nest.<br />
I made the beasts see red.<br />
And yes, I&rsquo;m sure you&rsquo;ve guessed.<br />
They stung all round my head.<br><br>

I chanced upon this wasp&rsquo;s nest.<br />
So delicate and clean.<br />
But when I disturbed their peacefulness.<br />
Their stings were mighty mean.<br><br>

I stumbled on a wasp&rsquo;s nest.<br />
And put them on the wing.<br />
I had disturbed their business.<br />
- Therein lies the sting.<br><br>

I came upon a wasp&rsquo;s nest.<br />
Which wasn&rsquo;t that much fun.<br />
They stung my hands and stung my chest.<br />
And stung me on my (places they&rsquo;d already stung)<br><br>

Once upon a wasp&rsquo;s nest.<br />
Frightening huge it looked.<br />
I tried the match and petrol test.<br />
And soon had that one cooked.<br><br>

B. Withers 1994<br><br>

( New format courtesy of dawneagle - many thanks!)<br><br>





A cup of gasoline and a match are all those buggers need...especially their yellow-jacketed cousins.

Sad subject but great prose. You are quite the talented one, Bill.

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