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I want to rant and scream and shout.
And show my discontent.
I want to let the venom out.
‘Till all of it is spent.

So listen to me rant and rave.
Then you might understand.
The way you see me now behave.
Results from life’s crap-hand.

Sometimes I’m sick of all the shit.
The troubles and the strife.
I wish that I was rid of it.
The pains and banes of life.

If my life was sweet and fair.
I would not need to rant.
Because my life seems so unfair.
I just need to decant.

Pour out my feelings one by one.
And empty out my soul.
So anyone and everyone.
Can see in my hellhole.

It does me good to shout and scream.
Take’s strain from off my brain
What better way to let off steam.
It helps to ease the pain.

Life has been both cruel and mean.
To leave me as I am.
So now I need to vent my spleen.
As often as I can.

As I say, life has a way.
Of being so unkind.
A rant a day keeps life at bay.
And lifts the troubled mind.

So let us all appreciate.
The rant in all its glory.
For rants are so appropriate.
To tell a bad, sad story.

B. Withers 2011

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Acknowledgements to Tess45 for providing motivation for this verse.

Oh Bill, I know the feeling so well! You certainly have a way with words!!! :-) Thanks for the cheer up!
thank you so much Bill - it hits the mark 100% - great poem
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