When I'm alone (thanks Tess).



When I’m alone my mind’s beset.

And loneliness could be a threat.

But I’m not lonely on my own.

Somehow I like to be alone.

The sort of company I prefer.

Is where loneliness does not occur.

I feel that I have been set free.

Without most human company.

I like to be with living things.

To enjoy what nature brings.

I take long walks all on my own.

I have no need for chaperone.

I don’t feel lonely with my pet.

No better company have I met.

And I have spent so many hours.

In pleasant company of flowers.

I don’t feel lonely in the trees.

I don’t feel lonely in the breeze.

And even in the wildest storm.

Nature’s creatures keep me warm.

I spent my youth on mountain trail.

Alone I would the peaks assail.

The birds, the insects and the sheep.

Were company for me to keep.

You could end up in such a mess.

Coming to terms with loneliness.

It‘s so much better now I’m seeing.

I’m only lonely with human beings.

It lifts a weight from off my mind.

To feel I’m not of human kind.

For now I feel both proud and strong.

Because I know I don’t belong.

Do not believe ‘all’ that you’ve read.

For ‘all’ is not how I have said.

I would not want to misconstrue.

There are good people, just like you.

Sometimes I miss your company.

That does not mean that I’m lonely.

For I know when you depart.

You’ll still remain within my heart.

B. Withers 2011

Quite lovely Bill - Warmest thanks and wishes - Terry
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Hi Bill, that was a beautiful poem. J

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Lovely poem, Bill. Straight from the heart... Ambies...

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