At first I had a wish - for DebsyJ


At first I had a wish.

Then it was a dream.

A plan emerged from this.

And that became a scheme.

Now I think I’ve found my way.

Everything seems new.

I’m sure that I will be okay.

Now I know what to do.

Now I can think of what I’ve got.

And not what I have lost.

Although my past can’t be forgot.

I will not count its cost

Learning how to come to terms.

With all my past life’s pooh.

Helps support and reaffirms.

My positive point of view.

My life will be more dignified.

With much more dialogue.

I still have family by my side.

And that includes my dog.

I’m looking forward to next year.

And what it has in store.

For as I move along from here.

I’ll enjoy my life much more.

At first I had a little wish.

I wished I could be free.

I knew I could establish.

A new identity.

In future we may meet again.

I hope that you will see.

No more suffering or pain.

But just a brand new me.

It’s good to know that you all care.

It’s something I will cherish

I thank you all for being there.

And listening to my wish.

B. Withers 2011


Thank you Bill, the poem is lovely, I feel really humbled that you took time out to write a poem for me. I've printed it off, to put on my wall to remind myself to be positive and not let things get me down.

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Hello DebsyJ,I'm really pleased you liked it. Of course they are your words and your sentiments just jumbled around to make them rhyme. Nevertheless they are great sentiments and thank you for sharing them with us and motivating me to pen some more poetry. Best wishes Bill
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