Recovery Update: Small Stoma, Big Heart - Next Steps in March!


Firstly, I want to thank each and every one of you who signed up to this website because without your support and stories, this journey would have been made in the dark. You really shined a light on big issues I had about stomas by just reading your comments and blogs! Like I said before, small stomas, big hearts. Thanks! xxxx

I did have my surgery on the 17th of November and it was a success, YEAAH! However, I am still not fully recovered and I have lost a lot of weight, roughly 1 and a half stone. The reason being that the output from the temporary stoma is too frequent and almost always liquidy!

Still though, I will say this, that this operation was a walk in the park compared to the operation I had when I was suffering from UC, even though making the pouch is a bigger op than bowel removal. I still feel like the pain after was easier managed because I wasn't as sick going into it.

Next op is supposedly in March, fingers crossed. However, they tell me it's more of a procedure than an op as they're just popping the stoma back in as all the pouch work has been done already. So it's just a matter of hooking it up now, sorta like plumbing pipes, me thinks! : )

Although it's not a major op, it's still gonna be the decider for me, as that's when I'll truly know if the bowels are working or not, i.e., through the back passage. It's gonna be so rare going to the toilet again for the first time in 5 years, but I'll keep you all posted on the outcome. And any questions or queries, no matter how personal or gruesome you think they may sound, don't hesitate to ask me!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Hi there, just wanted to say congrats, and can say when I had my stoma released it was a really easy, quick op. You have had the biggest op. Good luck for March. Tc.

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Well done Irishcuddy!! Here's wishing your recovery continues as well as it is and that March sees you finished with all the surgery. And yes, I don't know what I'd have done without this site. It can be very difficult to find someone in the same situation and have a chat about how things are. Stay positive and take good care, Colm


I hear you with the temp ileo being liquidy and frequent! My new diet includes lots of peanut butter marshmallows. Lol... Very different experience from my days with good ol' colostomy. Hang in there :) Love the blog title!


Yeah, it's a J pouch, right? You're lucky you can have that done. I think it takes about a year to get better, so I was told. This old Crohn's can't have it done. I did ask though, hahahah. Cheers and good luck for your future poopin', hahaha. xxx Mooza

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Right, you all know I use ileostomy bags to thicken the output. They have been a godsend as far as I'm concerned. I wouldn't leave home without those little things. I have the rotten liquid output, but not as much emptying, and the bags soak up the liquid. Brilliant! No slush slosh. Hahaha! Cheers, MOOZAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. LOL

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