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Loneliness is feeling sad.
For the friends you might have had.
I have first hand testimony.
It’s when you’re lacking company.

Too many people’s lives are wrecked.
By loneliness and its affects.
Yet all they need is someone there.
Someone to love, someone to care.

Sometimes people fill this role.
And give succour to the soul.
But it becomes imperative.
That there is some alternative.

There cannot be a better bet.
Than to get this from a pet.
With pets you never are forgot.
They rarely take but give a lot.

If you want my opinion.
They make a good companion.
They don’t have all those human traits.
That get you into awful states.

Pets don’t send your emotions down.
So in the sea of sadness drown.
They’re honest and they’re genuine.
They have no crap to dump you in.

You can trust pets from the start.
Unlike their human counterpart.
They won’t your emotions scar
They just accept you as you are.

The pet is one of very few
Who will always care for you.
A pet is worth its weight in gold.
For it puts loneliness on hold.

B. Withers 2012

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you word speak the utmost truth. i have to rescue lab mixes, and my lil bear always knows when i need a special bit of his attention.. thank you for sharing that. hope to hear more from you.
One of my cats went missing last week and I've been a wreck ever since. I am blessed to have a wonderful girlfriend who hasn't left me yet, although I can't help but think it's only a matter of time before she's had all she can take.Great poem, btw.

I think I'll go pet my cat Shadow.
one nice thing is they will love you no matter what..
Thanks everyone for your commentsBest wishesBill
if you ever need a friuend, i am here..
sorry, a friend..i am always here.. will always be.
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