The winter solstice brings good cheer
within the Northern hemisphere.
For Capricorn has turned the sun
and now it’s on its homeward run.

This date’s easy to remember
near the end of each December.
Before the Christian holiday
and its commercial overplay.

This year it’s on the twenty-first,
when I fear folks are at their worst.
Meeting, eating and indulging,
drinking, stinking, stomachs bulging.

I do not like this kind of thing
where there’s a spike in ‘kindnessing’
and people make it pretty clear
it’s just for these few days a year.

It’s good that we should have a choice
should we want something to rejoice.
To celebrate this solstice day
I try to take myself away.

With no more lengthening of night
and strengthening of the daylight,
there’s many that asseverate (affirm emphatically)
this is a day to celebrate.

This solstice means dark days are done,
the solar year has just begun
and we are looking forward to
a brand new spring that is now due.

No matter what the winter brings
this solstice helps us think of things
like thoughts of flights to sunny bays
with shorter nights and bright, light days.

B. Withers 2016


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That's a great way to think about things as we face January! I'll certainly keep it in mind, as January around here can be brutal. Thanks for the light at the end of the tunnel. I'll stay focused on it. Happy Solstice to you and Happy New Year too!

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Fantastic Bill, I love that!


Thank you both so much for your comments on this one. I wondered how it might be received as it is outside the scope of stomas. The rhyme is just one, extracted from a book published this year entitled 'B. Withers in Winter', the writing of which, helps me through this dark, dank, depressing season as I cling to the concept that spring is just around the corner.
Best wishes

Awesome Bill,
You've given another thought-provoking post! I love reading them and think a long time about the inner meaning!
Thank you!

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Hello Candy. Thank you for your supportive comments on 'The Winter Solstice'. I did write one before this with the title of 'In Search of Celebration', in which tried to grapple with the experiences at this time of the year for people like myself who do not celebrate Christmas. It can be very hard not to present as a miserable git and a scrooge-like character, full of bar-humbug, when most people are exuding and extolling Christmas 'cheer'. So much so that I felt the need to find something else to celebrate at this time of the year. On second thoughts, perhaps I'll blog the verse so that I can share that concept as well.
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I don't think anyone who knows you at all would think of you as a "Scrooge," Bill. You're one of those people who embodies the Christmas spirit all year long, whether you celebrate Christmas or not. Our tradition of a Christmas tree, as you probably know, comes from when they used to bring evergreen boughs into the house to freshen things up and celebrate the Winter Solstice. So, celebrate whatever way you choose. It's all good!

Thanks Candy. It's always comforting to know that there are people out there who can have different views and beliefs, yet still appreciate and respect that other folks are different.
Best wishes
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