I FEEL THERE ARE SOME GREAT ADDITIONAL ADVANTAGES TO CONTRIBUTING TO A SITE LIKE MAO, which may not be immediately apparent in the daily correspondence relating directly to stoma issues.<br><br>
As a writer and a rhymist the good people on here have prompted me to capture so many concepts in verse and I am so grateful for your ideas and motivation to do so. Sometimes, it is difficult to foresee where the writing will take me next, but recent correspondence threw up the concept of a completely new direction to complement my main motivation of writing about what, in the past, I referred to as people's 'wails of woe'. Many of which were caused by the unkindness perpetrated by their fellow human beings. I am half way through my sixth book on 'Bullying' and was wondering what I could do to change direction, without forsaking my passion for exposing the bad things in life such as bullying.<br><br>
Well! the good people on this site gave me the idea that I could look for the 'good' things in life and still have the opportunity to contrast them with what I feel is 'bad/wrong'. Thus, I have decided on the working title of 'B. Withers - Be KIND' and will share with you my first contribution to this new book.<br><br>
Best wishes<br><br>

B. WITHERS - Be KIND.<br />PROLOGUE.<br><br>
So many rhymes I wrote before<br />exposed those things that I abhor,<br />such as the things that spring to mind<br />when I see folk being unkind.<br><br>
And I&rsquo;ll continue in this way <br />to help the victims have a say,<br />by documenting what is wrong<br />in rhyme, in limerick and song. <br /> <br />But there&rsquo;s another side to life<br />besides the bullies and their strife, <br />this is a side which needs some light<br />to contrast between wrong and right.<br><br>
I felt it would be apposite <br />to write about the opposite<br />of bullying and uncaring<br />to show that some folks are caring.<br><br>
So, in this work, I thought I might <br />reverse that concept and might write <br />about the kindness I have known<br />and the goodness folks have shown.<br><br>
Of course, I&rsquo;ll bear in mind the bad,<br />the torrid, horrid and the sad,<br />but that will all be in the wings <br />as I seek out those better things.<br><br>
I hope I&rsquo;ll find enough to be<br />the subject of some poetry,<br />to warm the cockles of our heart<br />for then, I would have played my part.<br><br>
Within this world, so full of woe,<br />I&rsquo;ll search around so I may show<br />by looking hard, we may well find <br />that human beings can be kind.<br><br>
B. Withers 2020<br><br>

Very nice, Bill, and well-rounded. You have an amazing gift... mountain

Love it, Bill.

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Awesome sauce, Bill. Here's hoping you don't have to look too hard.



I thank you all for your support
and all the things that you have taught
me on this site over the years
to sort me out and calm my fears.

When I came out of hospital
and I was feeling horrible,
with nobody that understood
which did not make me feel too good.

I went upon the internet
to see what advice I might get,
because I felt alone and blue
accepting I had not a clue.

I stumbled on this stoma site
where contributors seemed they might
both understand and give advice
which I believed was rather nice.

It's what I needed at that time,
for whilst I penned my thoughts in rhyme,
there's nothing like a friend to chat
and share exactly what we're at.

When people have experience,
and have shown some resilience,
they seem to understand our plight
and conversations seem so right.

I think it's nice when people share
and show the world that they can care,
for this is a great attribute
to which, I wish to pay tribute.

I wish to thank each one of you
for all the good things that you do,
and hope that you will carry on
long after I am dead and gone.

B. Withers 2020
How to Manage Emotions with LeeAnne Hayden | Hollister

"I wish to thank each one of you
for all the good things that you do..."

Thank you, Bill~


Like Lily wrote.
Most of my books have an introduction and I saw no good reason why this one should be an exception:


So many of the rhymes I write
have been of crime and what's not right.
Thus, when my mind and pen unite
it is to join in with this fight.

My rhymes about those bullies who
impose their will on me and you
have morphed into a small tirade
and have become my stock in trade.

My world of verse and unkind men
is not perverse, for acumen
may point me to the other side
where human beings need not hide.

There is a world where all can see
that kindness is the way to be,
and people are compassionate,
caring and considerate.

I perceive that in this world
a new dimension is unfurled,
where nastiness is frowned upon
and bullying's seen as a con.

I thought I ought to write some rhyme,
which highlights things, that over time
might be the way that things are done
by me, by you, and everyone.

I wish to show that being kind
is not a thing which springs to mind
in just those few who wish to show
that kindness is the way to go.

I hope to show, so tomorrow,
everyone on Earth will know
that kindness is a virtue where
we could and should show that we care.

B. Withers 2020
and one for MAO contributors!


The world-wide-web has sometimes cast
a nasty shadow in the past,
when trolls and bullies ply their trades
as they let rip with their tirades.

It's sad to see this bad abuse
be used by some to thus traduce, (speak ill of someone)
to vilify and to defame
in what becomes a bully's game.

Sometimes, when I have surfed the web,
I kind of feel my patience ebb,
especially when these bullies bring
their unkind comments to this thing.

However, I've found a platform
where kindness seems to be the norm,
and the contributors must care
about the kind posts they post there.

This is a site where people come
because they've lost use of their bum
so, now a stoma's on their side
which sometimes is undignified.

It might seem easy to poke fun,
belittle or malign someone
who has a stoma, so that they
may have to pooh a different way.

But on this site, that I have found,
participants will rally-round,
supporting all their fellow friends
with kindness, which helps things to mend.

Thus, I must, with my pen portray
some of the things these people say,
so other people get the gist
that human kindness can exist.

Be Withers 2020
When a rhymist puts in a word
That most of us never heard
Then defines it for those folk
What kindness does that evoke?
Great job, Bill

It is those little things in life,
which help to overcome our strife
and often brighten up our day
so, maybe things will go our way.

It is those minute little things,
which I have found, so often brings
a tiny smile upon my face
so, I can then the world embrace.

Those little things in life can be
all that's needed to be free
from all my worries and my pain
so, let me see them once again.

It is the little things I do
after I have thought them through,
that helps to ease the troubled mind
and also helps people unwind.

It is those little things I see
which have a great effect on me,
for they're the things that brought great joy
when I was just a little boy.

When there's a little kindness there,
it shows that people really care
and that will always mean a lot
as often, that is all we've got.

A little thought before one acts,
may disappear among large facts,
but all these things are noticed by
those who possess the sharpest eye.

It's little things that I have seen,
that over time have come to mean
that this or that person is kind,
and this is what will spring to mind.

B.Withers 2020

All of the wonderful things people say,

On board this new boat I have found,

Is all like poetry to me,

So thank you everyone, I shout out loud.

Hi OstoMorgan. Great comment! Thanks for sharing.
Thank you all for your kind comments
Best wishes
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