Doctor forgives $650k in patient debts


Doctor Omar Atiq, a Pakistani-American oncologist, erased $650,000 of his patients' debts. According to the Arkansas Democrat Gazette, Dr. Omar, who founded his cancer clinic in Pine Bluff in 1991, sent out a notice to his patients just before Christmas, saying that "the clinic has decided to forego all balances owed to the clinic by the patients". A good Christmas gesture indeed.


I read about this generous gift in a news article the other day. An awesome example of giving for sure! Just, K.

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w30bob that. So in the US that's

Good doctors: 1

Bad doctors: 1,147,336

Still seems a little lop-sided to me.



More people should be so generous to help others who are having problems. Best wishes and stay safe.


Sorry, Bill, I missed this, so the late reply. Very appropriate lines, I wish Dr. Omar Atiq could see this, I'll try to get it across to him.

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