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KIND GESTURES 7 (keeping going)

KIND GESTURES 7. (keeping going)

I’d like now to compile a rhyme
to capture this moment in time,
when most of us are in lockdown
and ‘normal’ things are upside down.

I’d like to pay a tribute to
those folks who work to help us through,
for without them, things could be worse
and I might be riding in that hearse.

Doctors, nurses and ancillaries,
all acting as auxiliaries
and standing by to intercede
during these times of greatest need.

They risk their health and lives each day
and carry on so others may
stand a better chance to live.
What more can they do and give?

But there are others in these loops,
who keep working for other groups
in care and the community
at every opportunity.

Care-home staff who, to be blunt,
seem to me to bear the brunt
of having to cope, on their own
within the confines of each home.

Then there are the volunteers,
who are at times, reduced to tears,
struggling with the homelessness,
whilst juggling with infectiousness.

All these people keep on going,
whilst, like us, they must be knowing
that in these things they undertake
they’re putting their own lives at stake.

There is no greater kindness than
to risk one’s life by saving man.

Be Withers 2021

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