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Victims rightly feel aggrieved

about the traumas they’ve received,

so, they may want to rant and vent

‘till all their angst is out and spent.

I believe that there’s a skill

to listen when people are ill,

and educe their feelings so   (draw out)

there’s space for new feelings to grow. 

Whilst listening to their story-lines,

their painful and upsetting whines,

I cannot help but empathise

and very often sympathise.

Victims of traumatic times 

can then be captured in my rhymes,

for this is when their minds are fraught

so this is when they need support.

A rhyme is logical and brief,

and can help contain the grief,

for sometimes grief is sine qua non,  (necessary)

essential so folks may move on.

As and when the healing works 

and the angst no longer lurks,

victims may then metamorphose

into survivors I suppose. 

Often survivors will not need 

confidants who will take heed,

for they may often view that role

as something that they now control. 

Survivors of these traumas will

start to develop their own skill

of listening to themselves and so 

help other folk to learn and grow.  

                                           Be Withers 2022

Talk to others with an Ostomy
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Thank you Bill.
This is beautiful Bill, thank you.
Love it Bill..
Hello all you good people out there on the MAO site who have read this rhyme and made comments, even if it was just to tick the 'like' box. It might be interesting for you to know that it was written as a contribution to an ongoing book that my wife has requested for 'stroke-survivors'. However, I thought the subject was just as relevant to those of us who have experienced the trauma of having a stoma and have pulled through to live our new, slightly altered lives as best we can. As stated, there are and hopefully will be, a few more similar 'generic' rhymes I may well share with you all in future. so watch this space! Best wishes Bill
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