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When trauma happens and you’re struck

in mind and body and you’re stuck

with feelings that you can’t control 

and umbrage about your new role. 

Acceptance is not on the cards 

because the concept is too hard,

and you question, what’s the point?

when your life’s been thrown out of joint.

This trauma’s not to your liking

so, why should you accept this thing,

which is abhorrent to the core

and you don’t want it anymore.

Perhaps you’re right to not accept 

‘acceptance’ as the right concept

to help you move along in life 

and get control of all your strife. 

Perhaps a better concept is

‘adjustment’ when you’ve come amiss

and there’s not much that you can do

except to make sure you pull through.

Maybe a useful strategy

might be to use your energy

to make adjustments here and there

and show yourself that you still care.    

Minor changes might mean a lot

when there is not much that you’ve got

in the way of expectation

or positive anticipation. 

Adjustment means that you may bend, 

becoming patient as you mend,

and day by day it is a must

that you can trust you will adjust. 



                 Be Withers 2022

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Thank you Bill.
Touches home.
Hi Bill true that i,ve made adjustments to my eating schedule, sleeping routine all because of my ostomy, but i also had accept it as i was the only one that could deal with it no ostomy nurse to consult at the time or ostomy group to join.
Well said Bill. I lie somewhere halfway between those two concepts.

You got it Bill , as always !! I guess it's not in our makeup to totally accept this "Alien Thing" that is trying to pretend to be part of us but we know better !! Eventually you will notice that you Don't seem to Notice the Baggie at All !! This will be your first little victory !! You will sometimes just forget that it's even there and then you know you're on the road to some level of adjustment . It's Abnormal and Shitty and horrible to think about so give it some time . I've had mine a long time and at first it was like I had Leprosy !! I felt so different and out of place . Back then the appliances were not as reliable as they are today and leaks were very common for me . Honestly one day I just said to myself at the beach . I just don't give a shit how this looks , no more hiding , just threw off my shirt and felt better ever since . At our beach swimming pier I was sitting with my wetsuit half off ( to my hips ) trying to get over the FREEZING water !!! A woman walked by with a little Dude with his bucket and spade . It was so funny , kids see everything and are so curious . As they walked by he was looking at me and his eyes went to the Bag . His head was on a swivel as they walked by . His finger was just about to point and ask Mommy but Mommy noticed and quickly closed down his question and looked at me , embarrassed . I smiled back . I would have told him what it was , no problem but they quickly hurried away . I lay down to see if I would get any comments or looks ...No !! Not a one !! In Virginia at the beach I had become quite comfy with it and wore no T Shirt , it was clearly visible . Please don't take this the wrong way . People who come from some very conservative Ultra Religious countries , like Florida( just kiddin , don't get your knickers in a twist !! ?????) ....oops I mean like Afganistan or Saudi , these people may give you a second or third look . Some Women on the beach , with veils on , just kept staring at me even as I walked away and my plastic friend !! Not criticizing !! they were probably just curious what the hell this this thing was !! Women from some countries being so repressed as far as people in skimpy clothing and Normal body exposure , just the way they grew up and their honest conservative beliefs. I even smiled to see would there be any reaction but just a little supressed shock on the faces . On the bright side at the same beach a gorgeous brunette lady in a bikini small enough to proudly boast her most spectacular physical features ( hey guys you know those Ladies if you live near a Hot beach !! I LOVE People Watching long as it's at the beach in Ca ????? ) . Anyway when she saw the Bag ( and of course my very Manly Hairy Chest !! ???? ) as she shimmied along the beach she looked right at me and winked with a Devilish little grin !! Maybe a Nurse in the Military , lots of military and NASA at Chincoteague / Wallops Island Rocket Launch Center , you can see huge rockets take off there ., the real thing , as you stroll on the beach. Just check the Launch Schedules . Anyway , they are the three only times anyone ever even noticed !! It made me aware of other people and got me outside my own head and my own misconceptions . It got me thinking more clearly about how other people see Us , enlightening !!
Thanks everyone for your comments and your likes. They are very much appreciated and are certainly motivation to post some more rhymes. Best wishes Bill
Your rhymes are a talent and refined skill. Much appreciated.
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