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Alternative views on stomas


The stomas I’m referring to
are those placed on the front of you
to help your body wastes pass through
so, there’s a new route for your pooh. 

It’s little wonder that reactions
to some stoma interactions 
can be wide-ranging and diverse, 
yet this can help in writing verse. 

Many had their stoma op
in the hope their pain would stop 
so, they could get their mojo back 
and they could get their life on track. 

These people may well welcome it 
as a good way to manage shit 
that they could not manage before
so, they would view it as a cure. 

Some view their stoma as a farce,
replacing a malfunctioned arse,
so, joke about it in effect
and through their humour show respect.

For others, it comes by surprise,
which tends to shock and traumatise
and this won’t help them to adjust
which, with a stoma, is a must.

Some will hate this appendage
and feel they now are in bondage
to this thing upon their tum
replacing their malfunctioning bum. 

Whether filled with love or hate, 
most will come to appreciate
that stomas can help us a lot
with managing our waste and grot.

                                         Be Withers 2022

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