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OMG Hurricane Ian

We have survived Ian here in SW Florida and so very grateful.  Lots and lots of people with heartbreaking stories and  destruction.  Today we have both water and electricity back in service so onward and upward.  Our community is new and was built on 8 additional feet of land so thankfully no flooding.  We live about 8 miles from Ft Myers beach and 10 miles to Sanibel Island both of which were devastated as shown on TV news.  Sadly, Ian has definitely changed the topography of this area.    JB

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Glad you're ok. I saw where the multimillion dollar house that Tom Brady was living in is gonna be torn down cause it has to be built up that 8' additional feet to meet regulations.
I'm so glad that you're okay, JB. I lived in Ft. Myers for four years, so I know the area well. Sanibel/Captiva is a special place.
So glad you're okay
Great news for you ?????. Hang in there . Your storms have just made their way to Ireland . All our Peat Bogs absorb our rain ...happily ! All the best to all those facing a bad few weeks , months or years ?????..Magoo ?
So glad you are ok! {heart emoji}{heart emoji}
It must have been pretty scary to live through! Glad you are safe!
Glad you are safe! ????
Glad you are ok!
Thanks all! We have family and friends here to help with some clean up of our daughter & son-in-law's home. It was under construction and flooded with 2 feet of water. Again, we are all so very grateful to have survived Ian. JB
Glad you're okay. You were close to the worst part of the storm. Even in Central Florida (where I live) and my job in Volusia Co, we had a lot of rain and flooding. Not much you can do with 17+ inches of rain. Let's hope we are done for the year. Thanks for sharing! Take care. John
Thanks John, Too bad we can't take 17+ inches of rain and direct it to areas like Arizona, California and places where they really need it !
We survived with you! Now just fighting insurance company to pay a fair claim!!
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