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I admit I’m nuts about nuts,
but not without some ifs’ and buts’,
as nuts will pose me problems and
I’ll tell you, so you understand.

Nuts tend to be just the right size
to take the unwary by surprise,
for even though nuts are scrumptious 
they’ll stick in the oesophagus.
Experience tells me not to gloat,
when pesky nuts stick in my throat,
for they will tend to make me choke 
and I can tell you, it’s no joke.

I found that massaging each side
of my neck the nuts might slide
back to my mouth where I just knew
that I could masticate anew.

The nuts aren’t quite as bad as pills,
which tend to get stuck fast until
I swill them down with water but 
they’re hard to shift into my gut.

But nuts, when in this gut of mine 
cannot be trusted to be fine
because I have a stoma there,
now, I will briefly try to share. 

A stoma sits upon my tum,
replacing my malfunctioned bum,
so, I don’t want it blocked by nuts 
compacting in my reformed guts.

The answer’s what I always knew,
which is the fact I need to chew,
and chew, and chew, and chew again,
so food won’t block and cause me pain.

                                                B. Withers  2022

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