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SOMETIMES SILENCE MAKES ME NERVOUS.  It’s as if there is an emptiness there that has to be filled, and so I fill it with music.  If I’m reading, the music may be Bach or Mozart or Zoë Keating.  If I’m working on something around the house, gardening or grilling or cleaning, it might be Willie Nelson or Bob Seger or Paul Simon.  If I’m looking for info on the Internet, it might be Dave Brubeck or doo-wop or Ennio Morricone.  If I’m in the kitchen cooking, it’ll often be Italian opera.  There is music for every activity and every mood.  “The only truth is music,” said Jack Kerouac.  I have no idea what he listened to.  Since he wrote a novel titled ‘On the Road’ it must have been whatever he thought was good road music.  It wouldn’t have been Willie’s ‘On the Road Again’ since that came out in 1980 and Kerouac died in 1969.  But Canned Heat did their ‘On the Road Again’ in 1968, so he might have heard that.   Fortunately, good music lasts forever.  I enjoy listening to the music of Hildegard of Bingen, who lived and composed her music in the 12th Century.   I may not be able to read music, but my ears still work.  

Well you are truly from Bach to Rock. Although I meant I would find Italian opera difficult The rest of your taste of music seems to be wonderful

Hello HenryM. 

Simon And Garfunkel's original version of The Sound of Silence (1964) is the one I quote when people ask me what music I like best. However, whilst they are often satisfied with this answer, it is perhaps misleading on my part because it is not the song but the literal title that I am referring to as my preference.
I just love it when there is virtually no sound at all.
If people re-word the question into what 'song' do I like the best, my reply is usually 'birdsong'.
Each to their own preference, but I do think of it a bit like religion in that I would not try to influence people to like what I like, yet I sometimes inwardly object when someone else's preferences are foisted upon me by way of loudness without thought, respect, or responsibility. 
Best wishes


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I think you would have made a wonderful abbot Bill!

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Thanks for your response.  When I am cooking one of my Italian recipes is when I haul out the Italian opera.  It somehow makes me a more competent, creative cook and lends a feeling of authenticity to the meal.  Or, at least, I pretend that it does...  

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I getcha, Bill.  I stopped wearing ear plugs to listen to music when I walk because I'd much rather listen to the music of the birds coming awake in the morning. 

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I'm with you on this one Bill. I love silence. I love music, but I don't want it all the time. I don't like to have music playing while I'm reading as I find it too distracting. I'm bound to be drawn into it and following the melody, rather than concentrating on what I'm reading. I guess I'm too easily distracted. My favourite sounds are those of nature, the wind blowing, the trees groaning, the birds singing, the waves crashing. My favourite sound, when I'm at home is 'quiet'. Maybe it's an age thing.


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