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Happy National Puppy Day!!!!!


Bear the day he was found with umbilical cord still attached in a trash can at a car was in San Antonio and then 2 weeks later after being bottle fed round the clock by his first foster mama  

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Thanks everyone. I try to think positive of having 18years of total companionship and cuddles XX 

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Awww. Of mine that I've lost I still think about them. Pictured above, little Simba was a hot mess when he arrived via transport from TX and I'd just lost the first dog I'd had as an adult to cancer that morning. Really bad timing and not planned. I was lying on the floor with tears falling from eyes from grief trying to get Simba to come out from hiding under an end table. I think him seeing me in such a vulnerable position caused him to trust me because I was the only one in our house that could touch him at all for a while. It felt like the biggest mistake in the world at the time until I realized that he needed a family that wouldn't send him back b/c of his quirks. Then I got Bear to help Simba, but Bear ended up being the dog I needed. 

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