Seeking Connection: Finding Love or Friendship with a Chronic Illness


Hi everyone.

I can't help but wonder if anyone has actually found someone special through this site. I ask as I find it so difficult to find even a friend in this crazy world.

I am new here and don't really think it would work, but I am an optimist so who knows.

I am a Crohn's disease person with an ileostomy since 1991. I was married for almost 30 years, single for the last 5 years.


Never give up, the perfect blossom for you does exist. It may take a lifetime to find but when you do, life is complete.

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I would certainly like to think so.

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Ahhh, don't be fooled - there is always a bug on a blossom - (no one is perfect) but you can always shoo it off and accept it for its beauty! ... ask me how I know....jb (married 58 years and counting and still shooing!)


Where's Magoo? Look up his profile.

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Of course, nobody is ideally perfect, but what I find perfect and what another person finds perfect could be totally different. So, mine is perfect in my eyes, and in the end, that's all that matters.

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Well, I found someone with the stoma and during the recovery from the reversal, I lost her.


I certainly have met someone amazing on this site, but, he doesn't realize how great he is. He is definitely an outstanding person and I got a lot of love for him.


Yes, I have and she understood what I have and she took me as I am. I am so glad and happy I found someone. Yes, it is very hard to find someone that will understand what you have. I have had this for 38 years and it's a part of me now. It was hard at first.


I did find someone I was in a relationship with for many years but sadly he passed away a few years ago. I also talk with another gentleman who I met through here. Long-distance relationship, unfortunately.


My soulmate married someone else


Hi, howdy.

To answer your question, no. But I have met a man across the pond (Scotland) and we have been "friends" for a couple of years now. Neither of us are well over all being over 70 and having other issues. Your history sounds so much like mine I had to pipe up. Marriage ended badly after 28 years. Not only did I leave my paid for home, but even left the state! My colectomy, Dec. 1989 for UC diagnosed as IBD with multiple revisions and a failed J-pouch. I moved back to Arizona August 2016, but might as well have been single 4 years before that! I had some emotional healing to do, and I have done the work. I am an old hippie and live a simple life, like to read and I write poetry.

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I'm sorry. I can imagine that was hard. All of this is hard. I hope you find the one.

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That sounds bad to hear, but may her soul rest in perfect peace.


You just have to work and pray toward it because there are still good people out there with a good mindset but before then wish you best of luck


As the saying goes, "Where there's life, there is hope!!! It's gotta be true, 'cause I'm still alive, and still hoping!!!!!!


Wrote to a few on here, no reply not losing sleep about it obviously  lost their manners.

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