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Nine years today. Happy Stomaversary to me

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Way to go Riva!!!Every anniversary is a good one when it comes to shitbags!I'm going to put up a post asking those who've been ostomates for a long time to share their lessons learned and tell the rest of us what to expect. I'm especially interested in how peristomal skin stands up to the abuse we put it through. So how are you doing at year 9?Has your skin changed much, or is it just like it was 9 years ago?


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Happy stomaversery!!


Happy #9, Riva! Judging by your photo, you look great and life is good!


For me - celebrating stomaversery - ;Not so was truly my day from hell followed by months of hell! ;I know some feel differently about the ole' stoma birth due to many various reasons and I am in awe of your attitudes and acceptance. One might say even 3 years later I am still in denial. Although I have been advised that I can have a reversal (I was fortunate in that a large non- malignant growth was removed along with an ovary and my appendix) with no former "priors" (IBS, Crohn's, cancer etc.) I do not want to experience a second day (or more) of hell if I can avoid it. My reasoning's behind this include, my tender age (almost 80) I am healthy, I am pain free and above all my life experiences with medical professionals ...enuf said. Onward and upward Ostimates!!! ;jb


-Hi Riva happy stomaversary, i,ve had my stoma for38yrs. well actually on my second one after resection surgery 5yrs. ago and stoma moved from right to left side.


Congratulations , love your attitude. Ihave had mine 36 yrs.

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