Hartmann's reversal Aug 2nd


Going in for Hartmann reversal, my surgeon would like to do it laparoscopically but apparently I have a "narrow pelvis" so she may have to do the incision again. Being a planned surgery, I thought I would be less nervous but my mind is racing with everything that could go wrong so thought to post here to alleviate a bit of that, :-)

Funny how writing and posting can be relief.

That is all. I hope you all have a fantastic day.



Good luck with everything!

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Thank you very much Ms. Bud. :-)

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Good luck with the surgery. Xx

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Thank you,:-)

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Good luck to you. I find out on the 14th as to whether my surgery can be done and the likelihood of opening the zipper. My hope is for that not to be the case. I wish the same for you!



Wishing you a successful surgery and quick healing!


Good luck with everything . I am due for a Hartmann's reversal too.I have an appointment with my surgeon early in September to discuss the possible date for the operation. Please let me know how you get on. I'll be great full if you let me know. Thanks


It's very easy to beat yourself up during the wait, it's human nature, all the best guys.

I hope you get all you wish for.



Good luck with your surgery, I am goingin for the same on August 3rd. So i understand your feeling,

Stay strong Bill.


Sending you positive vibes!


Everything will be ok.


Good luck, wishing you a speedy recovery!


Wishing you the best outcome and speedy healing!


Wishing all good luck with surgeries and speedy recovery.


Your surgery will be just fine. Relax and remember that a positive attitude will even speed up your recovery. Best wishes.

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Hi Syd,

I'll write up my experiences from surgery through my hospital stay and whatever happens after. More than happy to share!


Thank you all so much. It's a little overwhelming receiving such support from this group.

I truly thank you,:-)


You've got this!!! Just start thinking about all the things you want to do when home and healed.


I hear ya with the whole planned surgery thing and the time you have to overthink it before hand. For the surgery itself, I tell myself this is the easy part for me, I get to sleep through it while the surgeon and everyone else makes their that day. Then my work really starts once awake. You'll be on the other side of this before you know it.


Big decision for sure. Consulted recently with my surgeon about reversing my end colostomy. After much thought, decided to keep the bag. Main reason?Even if take down surgery is successful.... Future bowel movements could cause more problems than staying with the bag. I would LOVE to be normal again. But undergoing more surgery with possibly a dismal outcome is a risk I'm unwilling to take.

Good luck and God bless. Let us know what happens.

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You are so right!I just sleep and look forward to what's next!

This time around I bought some noise cancelling headphones for the hospital stay, I'm oddly looking forward to several hours of uninterrupted spotify. :-)


Wishing you the best of luck and a speedy recovery!

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Thank you:-)


Sending prayers your way!! Hoping your reversal surgery goes well and a quick recovery!!!



Hi all!

What was to be a two hour surgery turned into 7.5 but somehow all laparscopic. Today is the 2nd day of hospital recovery. I was really sick the first day but am feeling better today and had solid food. Not alot but getting there.

I stopped the narcotics by my own choice yesterday, painful yes but a clear head is important to me, plus they make me feel sick. Hope to be home in 3 or so days.


Wonderful news! So glad to hear you are doing well!


That's amazing news...and props for stopping the pain meds on your own!!! Wish you all the best!!!!


Day 3. Had my first movement since surgery with no pain at all. Walking much better and the pain serms to be half of what it was yesterday. All in all, much less traumatic than i had anticipated.

It's a good day.

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