I hate fertilizer season!


It has to be over 100 or I have passengers before I will use the A/C in my car. Otherwise all windows are open. Today, I found myself checking my bag and closing the windows. Then I realized I was smelling chicken shit. I've often wondered what was familiar about some of the odors from my bag. Now I remember. 😝



Hi Daniel when i lived in wisconsin it was either the stink from paper mills or cow manure, riding around with the windows open would make you gag. 


By the title, I thought this would be about politicians. 😁 

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Heh. I grew up in the U.P.. Escanaba, to be specific. A paper mill town. One of the common fertilizers was mink shit. Nasty, nasty stuff. Fortunately, the mill is east of town and smell from that was not a constant in town. And my father was from Green Bay and we spent a lot of time there. So, I am quite familiar with paper mill smells. :-)


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Nope. One of the many things I like about this site is that politics are not "discussed". There are other places for that. Not here. :-)


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Mr. M Mose..

you sir have a fertile mind.

Stoma aroma?


A person in a mental institution looking out from his window sees a farmer ride by with a cart full of manure. He shouts out, 'Hey, farmer! What are you going to do with all that shit.' The farmer replies, 'Put it on my strawberries.' The inmate goes: 'Oh! Shit! I always put cream on mine!'


Very good bowsprit  !

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