Hello again Osto-Warriors,

Earlier today I gave my answer to this question:   Can you fly undergoing chemotherapy?  Not knowing all the facts... Type of cancer, staging, chemo drugs used, persons age, and current health.  I advised no, and related some of my story when I underwent chemo.

I've been thinking about it all day.

It boils down to this:  Get out there and live it up, while we can. 

The height of optimism:  Setting an alarm clock before going to bed.

I visited a rehabilitation center today for the first time.  To see my wife's step mother.  Walking through the facility... I saw old people, mostly bedridden, everywhere.  Depressing.  Old age has no cure.

This visit is going to haunt me for awhile.





Hello Beachboy.
I did like this post of yours, where you reconsider your thoughts on the subject of procrastination.
It reminded me of a rhyme I wrote a few years back for someone who was expressing their frustration about this aspect of their lives. However, it took me ages to find the relevant text as I had not labelled it as procrastination, but used the term 'Dithering', which is what the sufferer had called their condition. In fact, I must have written two rhymes for him at the time, which are reproduced below.
You may notice that these types of 'therapeutic' rhymes relate the problems first and then a verse or two at the end elaborate possible solutions. This was always termed as 'starting where the person is' before moving on to alternative suggestions. 

Best wishes




Dithering is indecision.
Uncertainty and imprecision.
And when I am so hesitant.
Makes me feel incompetent.

Dithering’s a paradigm.
A maelstrom and a pantomime.
If once it gets the upper-hand
It puts you in a limbo-land.

Dithering messes with my head.
So I decide to stay in bed.
But even then I’m well aware.
I dither whilst I’m lying there.

It’s like you’re working overtime.
And yet still sinking in quicklime.
I try and try yet still I find.
I just cannot make up my mind.

Dithering is so frustrating.
And it is debilitating.
There seems so much to consider.
What length of time defines a dither?

When I know what I want to do.
You’d think I’d stick to it like glue.
Fear to make a wrong decision.
Quickly leads to a rescission.

I come, I go, hither and thither.
I don’t know if or when I dither.
Sometimes dithering uncovers.
It’s affects on many others.

Dithering can be overcome.
Then you can start to get things done.
Take control of all your fear.
And start to get your arse in gear.

                                    B. Withers 2012.
(In: A Thesis on Constructive Conversations Inversed 2012) 



When you stop and you consider. 
That must be constructive dither.
Giving due consideration.
Is dithering in preparation.

When dithering without a clue.
About the things you want to do.
Bear in mind things could be worse.
Your dither could be put in verse.

Dithering has its useful side.
When on the brink of suicide.
For when you’re in that awful state.
It might just pay to hesitate. 

Dither halts an action flurry.
As it will get swamped by worry.
Fear and worry go together.
You could dither on forever.

To dither you become inclined.
When confidence is undermined.
Whatever you want to attempt.
Is undermined by self-contempt.

As you play the dithering game.
You get riddled with great shame.
Dithering prevents achievement.
This will bring its own bereavement.

Dithering will become the boss.
But you’re the one who’ll feel the loss.
It’s not too late to save the day.
And take your life a different way.

Knowing this you may well find.
It’s not wrong to change your mind. 
But bear in mind this simple fact.
Don’t dither when it’s time to act.

                                    B. Withers 2012
(In: A Thesis on Constructive Conversations Inversed 2012)


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I, too, have undergone chemo and radiation.  Make EVERY DAY COUNT !!  Fly, travel - ENJOY 🌈


Yep, get off your ass and live doing what a person enjoys. Once that hour glass runs outta sand there’s no flipping it over to start again. 

Reply to Bill

Once again, Bill, I loved your rhymes.  I think I clearly understood your messages and I concur.  When I was employed as a Maintenance Supervisor I was criticized by top management for procrastinating with assignments to my crew.  I submitted a rather lengthy rebuttle introducing my process of "Productive Procrastination".  I explained that jumping to satisfy management's every whim might often damage others' plans which might be way more important in the total scheme of things.  We need to know why we do things and when they should be done to provide the most benefit to all involved.  Sometimes, waiting for all the pieces to fit, requires a productive wait.

Unfortunately, when they read my thesis, they removed me from my job and made me Boss of the entire operation.


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