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Hey there…. I was wondering if anyone follows or have their own social media like tiktok etc. chronicling their journey. I wish I did something like this. I find them very informative and interesting. Any good accounts out there?  

Mysterious Mose

I know there is a bunch of stuff on YouTube. I am sure the same is true for TikTok, but I have never used that platform.


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Just my IG for the no colon journey. I won’t download TikTok w/ the security issues 😕


Avoid Tik Tok.  I haven't discovered many sites to follow on a regular basis.  This site is the best.  Always something interesting or informative to read.  Plus lots of experienced people sharing their ups , downs, troubles, and successes.  

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Neat that you are doing on. Will be great to be able to see how far you’ve come. I wish I had Instagram. 

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Very true! This site is great. I do watch tiktok sometimes though yes. 

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Some of them do both as well. It’s amazing to see the journeys people go through and how they can be so outgoing to want to do it for awareness. Don’t think that would ever be me 

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