I know that it may sound pathetic
but, is old age a diuretic?
I have concluded it is so
every time I want to go. 

When I was young, I can recall
I hardly used to pee at all, 
and maybe once or twice a day
the urge to pee might come my way.

But now I’m getting old and thin
I can hardly keep it in
and it will dribble on its own
which sometimes makes me want to moan.

I wear an inco-pad to hold 
the pee that comes out when I’m cold,
but it can only catch so much
before it’s soaking to the touch.

My liquid input does not match
all the pee I seem to catch
in the toilet bowl, so I
sometimes need to question why.

The worst is when I dream at night
of peeing, which I think just might
end up with a soaking bed 
once these thoughts are in my head.

When I’m asleep it’s hard to be
cognisant of reality,
sufficient to know which is which
when peeing’s like a scratch you itch.

I pee so many times a day
that begin to think I may
be better using a small pipe
like a urostomy stereotype. 

                                                B.Withers 2023


yes indeedy….

I never drank a lot of water

But now I’m warned I better oughter’

Consuming lots of water each day

escaping probabilities of withering away 

The end result is night time visits

My brain demands for many wizzets 

I detest getting up at night

But I can not win this fight

How life has changed since this bag

I guess at 80 - it’s one more snag


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