Do not confuse the term ‘dis-ease’
with the concept of ‘disease’,
although both of them may well be
found together frequently.

I think ‘disease’ has been defined
as an unhealthy body or mind,
whereas ‘dis-ease’ will tend to be 
more of emotionality.

‘Dis-ease’ is when we’re not at ease
such as when something does not please,
or when we want to make a fuss
because something is bothering us.

Anticipation can create
within our minds, that dis-ease state
where we are worried about stuff
that may turn out to be quite tough.

With our heightened expectations,
sometimes our anticipations
will tend to become negative
instead of being positive.

This might pressurise and squeeze
our minds and cause us some dis-ease,
which may, if it’s not dissipated
cause us to become agitated.  

If this feeling is repressed
some can start to be depressed,
which has some consequences so
this is as well for us to know. 

To deal with dis-ease of the heart,
we need to make an early start
using the techniques that we know
so, don’t allow dis-ease to grow.

                                            B. Withers 2023

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