Blow out diverted! Elastic strips. a bed sheet saver

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coloplast elastic barrier strips #

120700 saved the day. I can not stress how important it is using these " C " halves. plus a belt.

lets face it , a morning blow out just isn't the right way to start yur day . the pooh clearly bypassed the  o ring under the skin and sought refuge under the ring at the strip end..waiting.. . waiting for an already ballooned bag to pop.

oh the thought of  chaos now diverted. snoopy, move aside..let the warrior do his dance..

((Taps playing. 21 gun salute.))

update 12 hours later just before bed time -- it blew again but thankfully those elastic c strips were still in place from this morning. still a fugly sight but contained and held back from those " smileys". another diaster avoided. i guess i danced my ass off way too much that caused this rip. tear.. save.. whew. 😥😰


YES, I use those, we call them; smileys. Thank you for that discriptive moment , I was like … ah I remember those moments lol  

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Tales of Christmas cheer come in all varieties.  Whether it be a cool gift or a diverted crappy morning, Coloplast saves Warriors day.

Step aside Snoopy....




These 'extension adherance smilies ARE helpful - on various occassions - and particulalry when one is treating skin which can have NO adherance to it .... ie when we need to 'protect' our stoma skin whilst having treatments to allow it to grow again in the healing phase after other conditions:

These 'extension adherance' smilies can be possitioned all round the bag adherance part and thus make a non-sticking bag [for whatever reason] still function as a collecting bag and so ensures a 'safe' seal when the immediate area around the stoma is compromised.


Also as a side note, even if the product has 'sansitivity issues' for some folks skin, it can be used a distance away from the 'sensitised' abdominal skin for periods of time to extend and give security further away from our 'normal' appliance sticking circle area.


Very useful to have these in stock - even if not used regulalrly - they are also an 'extra'  'fail-safe' device  when travelling long journies - help to prevent/overcome the "unexpected"


Best Wishes



💃🕺oh yeah..🕺💃🤦‍♂️

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Love your choice of Profile name.


And yes, I too, think of the product [manufacted by more than one brand[ as Smilies - for that is just what they result in!


Seasons waves


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Thank you Jayne, I used to be sunshine58 but…this one fits better

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