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Is there any danger to drinking coffee with a iliostomy ?


Coffee goes right through us into our bags but I just plan for that and it doesn’t stop me. 😋 

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Mysterious Mose

I drink 3 cups every morning. Like eefyjig says, ☕☕☕=>🚽



Yes once you start you can't stop drinking it lol.......I can drink it doesn't affect my output...just try it and see most of us can drink it problem free, if you have a very high output stoma or jejunostomy  stoma it's best to avoid coffee & tea but you would Dr would worn you about that 


I don't have an issue with coffee either .. thank goodness would be lost without my coffee ☕

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Caffeine is a diuretic which is why some avoid it… but first thing in the morning ileostomy or not I MUST have my cup of coffee!  Within 1/2 hour it has pretty much vacated my body … but As they say “may your coffee kick in before reality does”. Enjoy !!!  jb

Rose Bud 🌹

So true goes straight though me too!!! Just make sure IF you decide to drink coffee just make sure you drink extra water to balance the caffeine which can make you a bit dehydrated. 😉 

Mysterious Mose
Reply to Ben38

Actually since I started using Immodium, nothing goes straight through me anymore. 😅



What's weird it doesn't run through me like that .. mine actually comes out more tar like 


ick.. coffee? 🤑🤣

Reply to warrior

Lol warrior I take it you are not a fan of coffee ☕

ron in mich

Hi all i have a couple cups in the morning along with toast and pbj and then an immodium  along with my meds and vits.

Reply to Beth22

hee hee. what gave me away?🤑?

yea afraid so.. any body think abt popping a breath mint or brushing afterwards? yeah its my thought.

lets not even compare " smells like". 🤦‍♂️happy holidays.🎅🥂

Reply to warrior

Oh ya know just a great wild guess I can feel your hatred for coffee from here 😂 lol the smells? .. you must elaborate.. the smell of coffee in general or the smell from emptying ?? Hey is a valid question when talking about smells with us 😆 

And thank you Merry Christmas!

Reply to Beth22

elaborate?? need pictures?

how can i put this after suggesting a breathe mint?  aka bad coffee breath. afterwards of yur cup of joe, ever think abt that smell?.

yea there is the bag ick smell but how do tell your significant other

after downing their morning coffee, " go brush ".  

yea its like that for me. maybe its my elevated sense of smell giving me pause but .. u ever think if yur bag smells, does breathe smell too? after eating or drinking?? esp. coffee breathe?  think abt that. 

i will use crayons next time. 🤣

just talking out loud no disrespect .. gotta have some fun out here. 

Reply to warrior

I had to ask and be clear about the smell thing.  Well I chalk it up to it's a smell you can't stand I think we all have a smell that does that to us. But I will say though what about onion breath or garlic breath,fish breath 😝?? Coffee isnt as bad as those . What if you ate those maybe not the onion cause well it's hard for us to digest but you get the point . And let's face it we all have a scent when we empty. 

Reply to Beth22

i get your point beth.agreed.

you are forgetting another smell.

everyone is guilty of.

that morning breathe?   those other smells u can prepare for.

i am reminded of an early family gathering. everyone saying good morning to each other. hugs looking for an exit..🏃

that's when you  know who had coffee or forgot their tooth brush. 

if both of you eat garlic..onions .fish   u kinda cancel each other out....

how about  that person walking by? a stranger .whom you know is a heavy chain  smoker? ick

oder..fragrances etc. certain people have an acute sensitivity

to those things. would u agree?  

i just happen to be one of those types. never really minded it until

i became deaf. yeah its like that. elevated sense indeed.  embarrassing indeed. . 

i burn candles..incense got plug ins..even battery operated sprays here at the house.

that bag smell.. i swear.. penetrates through the walls. always a whiff after empty. . a lingering " WTF IS THAT?".

there's a visual for ya. ha ha. 

Merry Ho Ho to you and yours. 

Reply to warrior

I agree there are people who have a very high sense of smell with scents. Just like there are people who can hear a pin drop in the middle of a deeep sleep. I have a higher sense of smell which it good at times and others not so much but sounds like you have an more of a heighten sense of smell  than I do.

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas 


I have not changed my habit of 2 mugs every morning - and my ileo has been with me in one form or another since 12-89


I hope not.  I had my surgery in '72.  I was a senior in high school.  Been drinking it ever since.  The only person that has an issue with it is my cardiologist.  Lol

Reply to Beth22

yes..i do.. like my nose receptors are on steroids.  mix blessing mixed feeling. i know u understand. 

another reason i detest coffee which may be too graphic for some but gotta mention it..

i saw a commercial. it was for Foldger's coffee..

ahh geez.. well you have to see it to understand..

i empty my bag into a container first. then pour while flushing toilet.

i have not sat on a toilet since 2016. .

so seeing the commercial.. as its showing perculation..  real hit a nerve.  smell not needed here.. but but what eye full🤑. draw your own analogy.. apologies in advance to die hard coffee drinkers. 

Reply to drums_weights_ileostomy

any we wonder why?? hah haa haa. 💔

Reply to warrior

Lol I don't take offense and I am an avid coffee drinker no worries . But more understand more now, it hits a certain nerve I got the picture you put out and hey we all have something right that triggers us for one reason or another 

Reply to Beth22

true that! but some will be defensive. finding it offensive. so i am apprehensive..if they comprehend it "🙄👀😋

"  the comments  and advice here do not reflect that of MOA. its just of some front butt person or others here  venting".


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