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With all the denim that I’ve bought
I have to say I always thought
that it was made in the USA,
so their invention some might say.

Then, within a dictionary
something contradictory,
as this word’s derived perchance
by de-of, and Nimes in France.

Of course, the origin of a word,
whether written or those heard,
would not prove that the denim was 
invented by the French because

Words are universal so
they may migrate and often go
across those man-made borders where
words and languages are shared.

Denim’s hardwearing, so it seems
so it was suitable for jeans
along with overalls and stuff
that needed to be strong and tough. 
A cotton cloth that’s often blue,
which some might say is good value,
as from a certain point of view
it’s strong resilient and true.

Yet recently, there is trending, 
selling jeans that need mending,
with big rips around the knees
which seem to please the young with ease.

But not for me, I am afraid,
for I believe that when I’ve paid
my hard-earned cash, then from my view
it needs to look as if it’s new.

                                                        B. Withers 2023


Jeans have come a long ways since their invention, whoever started them. Ripped up, perfect condition, doesn’t really matter. Just please no fancy sewings  on the back pockets for guys, we ain’t that fancy. Plus, it looks like your wife/girlfriend/mom BeDazzled your clothes for you. 😂🤭 My choice nowadays are Duluth Trading Post jeans that are a little stretchy and have the crotch gusset….very comfy bending with an ostomy. 👍

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Reply to AlexT

Alex….crotch gusset - a new sewing term for me but then I am no seamstress - thanks for this piece of knowledge 

Bill…..I am not a cyclist either but I have heard of a crotch rocket - seems there could be a poem here….🤔

Reply to Justbreathe

Hello JB.
Thanks for the thought about a possible subject for a poem. However, someone once told me that to be a writer, it helps if we know what it is we are writing about. In this case I have absolutely no idea what either term referring to the crotch in jeans means.
My education is obviously sadly lacking!
Best wishes


Reply to Bill

Simply put, there’s an extra flap of material in the crotch so things 🍌🎾🎾(best emojis I could come up with🤷‍♂️) don’t  get bound up when moving around and something gets pinched. 😬😁

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Reply to Bill

Hey Bill….not to worry - your education is totally in tune.  American slang both old and new is ALWAYS a challenge-

and England’s slang is a challenge for us in the U.S. - my grandpa from England used to tell us kids “mind the machines”….we had no idea what he was talking about 🤔

Mysterious Mose

Time was (oh so long ago), Americans could be easily spotted in the UK due to the wearing of denim jeans. I assume that is no longer the case? Am going to be in London next week and don't really want to stand out as a boorish American. 😃


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