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So, today I lost my job.  With that goes health insurance.  To say I am freaking a bit is an understatement.  I've already updated my resume, Sent a few applications in, and reached out to contacts. I know I will be fine, but boy does this hurt. 

Going to take the rest of the week to regroup and focus. I lost my job during the pandemic,  and took me a year to find a new one. I hope it doesn't take that long!!

Good vibes, prayers, thoughts are much appreciated!


So sorry that happened!  Prayers that you’ll find an even better job and that you won’t be without a job or insurance for very long 

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Paws crossed! Something better will show up!!!


Since you lost your job you should be eligible to sign up for ACA insurance. Also hopefully unemployment benefits -- typically not much but better than nothing. The job market is more robust now than it was during the pandemic. I am praying that you get a quick turn around on a job. Remember looking for a job is a full time job.


Sorry to hear the news.  Hope you find a new position soon. 

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What is your profession? Lots of opportunities just about anywhere in the job market nowadays. 

Morning glory

I am so sorry  Nini, hopefully  you will find another  job really soon.

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Hi Alex, I'm in Human Resources.  Been doing it for 17 years.


Sorry to hear that Nini4!  I consult for several companies, and if I hear of anything I'll pass it along.

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Thank you!!

Newbie Dana

Best of luck to you. Take the ACA advice seriously, because the insurance at a new job often doesn't kick in until 60-90 days after you start. Heck, even check on the possibility of Medicaid - you never know until you apply.


I'm sorry that you lost your job and pray that you will find another one soon. Although it might be expensive, your employer should offer you insurance through COBRA. I thought it was a federal law. That should be available to you for at least a year. Good Luck!

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COBRA is outrageously expensive! It should be a last option.

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Yes. It would be better to go get any job and get that insurance rather than use Cobra. I got sent paperwork for it when I was off for my ostomy surgery. They wanted nearly $900/month if I remember correctly. 


So sorry to hear. I’ll keep you in my prayers and hope that you find another job. I’m sure you will be lost.

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