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Hi all 

just a quick one to ask if any of the premium members feel it is worth doing. Been toying with the idea of joining however unsure of the benefits 

Any info would be appreciated 




I paid to be a premium member as it goes towards the running costs to keep the group going, if you want you can send messages other members and they can message you back if they want too even if there not a premium member. 

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Why Join MeetAnOstoMate?

First off, this is a pretty cool site with 33,278 members. Get inside and you will see.

It's not all about ostomy. Everything is being discussed.

Many come here for advice or to give advice 🗣, others have found good friends 🤗, and there are also those who have found love 💓. Most of all, people are honest and truly care.

Privacy is very important - the website has many features that are only visible to members.

Create an account and you will be amazed.

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you sure about that messaging service? 

i was told a non member can not reply - private message - anyone unless a member  makes first contact.

maybe i read yur reply to his differently.

just making a clear statement.

and i agree with u on sustaining the support here by becoming full member.  best investment i made since 2016. the advice and support are priceless. .


I would say it's definitely worth paying for membership. Xx

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A non paying member can reply to a private message but can not start a conversation. If you wanna have private conversations with members, it’s worth paying for. There are a couple other things you get as a paying member also but those are nothing I ever use so I’d have to go look it up to see what those are. 🤷‍♂️ 

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Morning glory

It is well worth the cost. 


Premium is powerful.
📨 Connect Privately: Sometimes a one-on-one conversation makes all the difference. Premium allows for private messaging where you can share openly, connect deeply, and find understanding with someone who truly "gets" it. 

🌟 Premium Collections: Navigating through endless forum threads can feel like a maze. We simplify this for you by spotlighting the best - over 3,000 topics handpicked and summarized for you. 

🌐 OstoAI: Instant answers to your ostomy questions.

📚 Advanced Forum Search: Our discussion forum has a vast peer to peer information. The advanced search will help you find what you are looking for, from among 13,038 forum topics. 

🙌 Good Cause: Premium not only unlocks valuable features but also contributes to the vibrancy of this independently run website.

you are only 38 so $75 CND for 25 years is only $3 a year and if you live longer cheaper yet

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Thanks for the recommendation x


Hi, Pamela here. I am really glad I paid for the lifetime membership.  I have learned so much from other people on this site. When I had my first emergency surgery in July 2017, I was so sick and so scared. I didn't know who to talk to or where to turn. It was the kind people on this site who helped me through the first surgery and the second emergency surgery and ileostomy revision after my original ileostomy strictured.  Since then, I've had many questions answered, shoulders to cry on when I got frustrated and hope given when I felt I just couldn't go on. One of the first people I talked to was Bill. He was the nicest person and had a wealth of knowledge to share.  I now have been diagnosed with two, new autoimmune disorders that have affected the way I adhered my skin barrier. It is extremely frustrating and I have had to seek the assistance of a fantastic Dermatologist who has helped me to find medications in liquid form that dries quickly, protects the skin blisters and helps to heal them. I guess what I am saying is that the premium membership has been a godsend for me. Good luck in your decision.

Mysterious Mose

The cost of a lifetime membership is a mere pittance if it keeps this site going. It is also a mere pittance when compared to other, much less important, things I subscribe to.



I agree with Mysterious Mose, I gladly paid the lifetime membership to keep the site up and running.  Anything else is just icing on the cake!


I finally joined the premium after for or five years of not wanting to do it. I find that in the long run I can get more information by being a member. Good luck with your decision.

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