I miss tucking in my shirt


Greetings Ostomates!

So… I’m new(ish) here, joined a while back but have never posted. Got my ileostomy May of last year after decades of Crohns & two bouts of colon cancer. Happy to report I’m doing well and still here! I think I’ve adjusted pretty well to the new routine, it took a few months of testing product to land on a good appliance that lasts a solid 7+ days before swapping out, but maybe that’s TMI?

So I have a question about clothing. I’m ok living the “untucked” life, plenty of options. I wear a slim fitting tank to keep the bag flat and I made my own covers to go over the bottom half of the pouch in case my shirt “twirls up”. I just really miss wearing my shirt tucked in. Early on I got one of those belts with a rigid guard but it’s very bulky and only makes it look like I’m packing heat. Ok in TX but not NY. I’d appreciate any advice on this if its possible.

Of course I understand the answer may well be “Nope! Sorry, your shirt tucking days are over”.  So there it is! 

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Welcome to the site Bob, hopefully  the men will chime in here. Not to likely  to give tmi here 😂 

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I was all bent out of shape when I realized I can't tuck in my shirt without interfering with my bag and the output going down into the bottom of the bag. I don't really have any good answers for you. I have a tendency to wear 2 shirts, one long sleeved under a t-shirt and i just had to adjust to having both shirts not tucked in. You do get used to it after a while. It just takes some time and adjustment. After a while you won't really notice it anymore. 



Hi Bob,

  Well.....I think you figured it out......there really is no good answer if your stoma was placed around your belt line.  I know I've seen lower profile stoma guards, but unless you wear your shirt tucked in very loosely......it'll be obvious you've got something under your shirt.  Personally I've never liked tucking in my shirts, so no major change for me.  But it would be nice when I wear a suit to go to a wedding or funeral if I could tuck my shirt in.  Is your stoma right at your belt line or a bit above it?  If it's a bit above you might get away with a horizontal StealthBelt kind of thing.  Just remember to not let you bag get very filled.  To be honest the last time I even looked at products for such a situation was a few years ago.........maybe someone has come out with something new.  Hopefully others will chime in with some good news for ya!



Very hard to tuck in a shirt. 

My stoma sits nearly even with my belly button.  I'm pretty skinny.  There's no way I can tuck in a shirt that is comfortable, and not noticeable.  I recently attended a wedding.  Tucked in the dress shirt and wore a loose vest over the shirt.  It looked OK.  But I still looked a bit frumpy. 

My stoma sticks out from 1 to 2 inches (depending on its mood), and I have a mild peristomal hernia.  Wearing a loose untucked shirt everyone can tell:  "what the hell's wrong with that dude?"  

Gotta be tough... to be an Ostomymate.

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Why can’t you tuck your shirt in? 


Sorry, no advice on shirt tucking, just a comment to let you know, on this site, there is no such thing as 'TMI'!



I ware a tummy sleeve (from a maternity shop) and use suspenders. Works for me with shirt tucked in.


I could wear a Nu-Hope belt with prolapse flap.  Flattens out the stoma, but my shirt still has a noticeable bump on it.  I've done this a few times.  Somewhat uncomfortable, hard to bend over or sit.

The belt itself is great.


Hello Bob430.

I've  tried a few things like cutting the shirt so that it goes around the stoma device (that didn't work so well for me)
However, I thought about it for a bit and looked around to see that there are so many men nowadays with pot-bellies, that I concluded that if I made a device that would hold the bag away from the stoma and protect it at the same time, then I could tuck my shirt in and it would simply make me look as if I was pot-bellied and I would fit in with the rest of that crowd. This device works well but I have developed an attitude of 'function over fashion', so that the way it looks doesn't bother me.
Best wishes



I've now given up on trying to tuck a shirt in. I bought a new shirt for my daughter's wedding and had it trimmed even all around to just below my pouch. Most of the time my suit jacket was buttoned, but no jacket and on the dance floor - no problem. Just don't reach up too high. I don't don't think I looked too weird.


G-Day Bob430, You can fold your bag up and hold it with the IGGIE clip and that lets you tuck your shirt in. See photos Regards IGGIE


I never wear a shirt that's not tucked in, but the stoma is not placed directly on the belt line. Doesn't look neat, besides it is unusual, people would suspect that there is something wrong. It also depends on how thick you are around the middle, and how full that bag is. Best wishes. 


i am not sure what the fuss is all about ?? unless of course,  a one piece system is being used here.

Speaking freely about a two piece that can rotate 360 degrees-( flip mio) , just rotate it 45  degrees to the right with a wide hernia belt . 

might not stick out much.. wearing a vest or loosely shirt is the trick. no worries about a shirt tuck at all.

just saying this works well everyday with a two piece system , belt and a wrap for me..

Don't stay stuck on an older system.. You might surprise yourself if u can wear a two piece rotatable appliance. 

good luck. 




Thanks for the feedback everyone, I really appreciate it!

Pretty much what I expected, seems like no tucking-in is the norm, so I will make it my new normal!

In the end it’s really a very minor annoyance compared to everything else I’ve been through. As I said, plenty of untucked options. Fortunately I always favored polos and short sleeved button up shirts, both are pretty comfortable. I have a wedding coming up at the end of the month and I was a little stressed out about it. My first real formal appearance after getting my new accessory. But I think I’ve come up with a good solution. Got a nice thin sweater vest just long enough to cover the pouch, and still room for the jacket. I can at least tuck in the back of the shirt and one tail in front. 

Thanks again, glad to have an outlet for this new reality.


🎵🎶🎤🎙️all we are saying....

is give two piece systems a 🎵🎶chance..

to tuck..or not... tis the question.

just really is a question of how comfortable you are being a vertical or horizontal bag user..

its not my normal untucked .

u can tuck..have options. 


Wow.  This is all new to me.  I've been wearing an ileostomy rig for thirteen years and I've been tucking in the whole time.  My stoma is right under my belt.  I have  no problem at all.  I mean, no hernia or anything.  Pretty small, healthy stoma.  I guess I'm just really lucky.  I'm so sorry this is kind of a problem.


Thanks all, 

I haven't completely given up yet LOL.  I'm still less than a year into this so I still have a lot to figure out. I do have a rather prominent bump where my stoma is, so that adds to the bulk. A two piece really makes it stick out even more. At the moment it's not an easy task for it to go under the waistband and I worry about it getting squeezed. If it settles down a bit more I'll try out the other option.

Thanks again for the input!



The word 'shirt' causes the confusion. That thing describes a body covering with a collar, a front opening with buttons, long or short sleeves and 'a tail long enough to be tucked inside pants or a skirt'. Then there is a blouse, jersey pullover, tunic, turtleneck, chemise, polo, and some others. Even lingerie has a relationship to shirt. It would have helped if Bob430 had specified which item he had in mind. There are so many, enough to make one 'lose his shirt'.  

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splitting hairs my friend..☺️

since he is a guy, i doubt he's sporting a blouse these days..

i do know w30bob likes his tube tops and crops. but is the other bob on here.. you could be speaking to him abt this. 😀

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Yes, a man's shirt is a blouse if it has a blousy fit. I think in the Royal Navy, a Midshipman's shirt was called a blouse. I had a friend who was a Commander in the Navy. After a trip North, he called to say: 'I have your blouse'.. (It got mixed up during packing). We were sharing a room assigned to us by the host. I read the advice of a fashionista that the buttons on a shirt are meant to be buttoned, all of them, including the top ones, even without a tie. That Macho look with the buttons undone and the chest showing is not on.


I have a urostomy due to bladder cancer...I also miss being able to tuck my shirt. Just one of the things I miss...still, I'm very blessed to still be here.

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Wow. The things 'we' come up with! That looks like one of those clips for cruises to stick tto the walls.

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In the U.S., many of us call it a "binder clip".  They can be found in varying sizes at many office supply stores, Walmart, etc.

Make it an amazing day!


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The main thing is it works, and you can fold it over as much as you want to be able to tuck your shirt in or take it off and let it all hang out. The IGGIE clip is for sale at $50 each or you can get one at your local office works for 10c, but add the magnet to it to stop it opening. Regards IGGIE

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Suspenders are your best bet for dress up.  "I saw nothing, Herr Commandant, nothing" -John Banner RIP

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I have seen grown men at weddings remove their shirts while dancing..

Imagine an osty doing that?

Most looker-ons aren't offended by hairy chest dances..but....bagged men? I think it would cause an evacuation....(. Pun intended. ) 


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HAHA,  Hiking on sunny days, I will remove my shirt.  Sun is good for your skin & health.  I wear a Stealth Belt, so it looks like a Back brace or hernia belt.  


Thanks for warning. !

I'm sure any animals you encounter on that hike will go


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Thank God, another person that’s not scared of everything about an ostomy. Keep getting that tan. 👍